The only single camera strap you’ll ever need.

Like most people when I started photography I used the Canon strap that came with my camera. As time went on, I realized better camera straps were out there. Over the next ten years, I ran through many different random straps before I found the Peak Design Slide. The Slide was the first camera strap I spent decent money on. It was unique because of the fast clips that allowed you to remove the strap from the camera. I was excited about my new purchase and invested in the hype. Now don’t get me wrong they have a nice product but that strap rubbed my neck and shoulder the wrong way and just never felt right. I was always fiddling with it and adjusting it. That’s not what I wanted from a camera strap. I wanted a strap that would just work — one that would do what it was made to do and hold my camera, look good, and stay out of my way. The Slide ended up not fitting that description.

After making this realization, I started my search again and landed on the BlackRapid. It did a nice job by keeping my camera out of the way but while shooting an event, I had problems with the under the arm strap falling off. Besides that, the BlackRapid shoulder pad would slip and move on me. It was much better then what I had from Peak Design’s Slide, but it still wasn’t what I was looking for.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW

Finally, all my research led me to Holdfast Gear’s MoneyMaker strap, which is made out of leather. I loved the thought of bridle leather but the price was just way more then I wanted to spend. So I kept fooling around with my random strap collection before shooting my first wedding. Being that it was a wedding and most of my photography was live event-style and portraits, I was nervous that I didn’t have the right gear. I didn’t want to mess this up for the couple and I knew I needed to get my stuff together. Because of the location of the wedding, I knew it was going to be fast-paced and that I wouldn’t want to be switching lenses a bunch so I ended up investing in the MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap. Honestly, it was the best investment I’ve made when it comes to camera accessories. It’s perfect when you want to use two cameras at one time. I was able to use it to shoot that wedding and many other events since then.

After falling in love with the MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap, I decided to add the Solo Sling to my camera gear because most of the time, I only shoot with one camera at a time. Thankfully, Matt at HoldFast Gear knew people would want to have the MoneyMaker for single-shooting.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW


The MoneyMaker Solo Sling is a single camera, crossbody version of the original MoneyMaker Dual Strap. It incorporates the same high-quality leather (U.S. native steer hides) and hardware (stainless steel – rust-free) that the Dual Strap has and has an added shoulder pad that stays in place. There is a D-ring on the front that is an attachment point for accessories and it has an included belt anchor that works with any belt. The Solo Sling is designed to keep photographers hands-free until they are ready to shoot. It provides high performance and high comfort for single-camera shooters. It can be used by left or right-handed shooters and is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. There are multiple colors to choose from: tan, chestnut, black, water buffalo burgundy, water buffalo black, and water buffalo tan. All the straps are made in Oklahoma with pride and precision.


Just like the Dual Strap, the bridle leather has a wonderful smell it feels great. It doesn’t slip and it’s built like a freaking tank. The appreciation I have for quality leather goods has been instilled in me since I was young. My family used to own/raise/train racehorses. Therefore, I grew up surrounded by jockeys and learned how to tell the difference between ‘good’ leather and everything else. My grandfather showed me how to properly care for bridles using saddle soap and the look and feel of the MoneyMaker made me feel as though I was back at the track with him.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW

The Solo Sling fits across the torso area and it’s very important to make sure you have the right fit with the strap. HoldFast Gear includes a size & fit guide on the product page for the Solo Sling. Since I already had the Dual Strap, I knew what to look for size-wise. The ‘fit’ is based on height & broadness. So, if you are a first-time HoldFast Gear buyer, be sure to pay attention to the sizing guide so that you have the greatest benefit from the strap.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW

One of the unique features of the MoneyMaker straps is the sailboat clip that is included. This clip connects to the D-ring that you attach to your camera. It’s designed to ensure that you can hold the camera with one hand while pulling the sailboat clip open with the other. This can be a little bit of a trick to be able to master, but it is possible. The clips can be stiff at first, at least they were on the Dual Strap, but they will loosen up over time. Also, the hardware can be a little tough to move up and down the strap, but after its break-in period, movement smooths out.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW

One of the greatest benefits of the Solo Sling is that the shoulder strap does not move. When I first got it, I walked around the house with the sling on just to get a feel for it. And to my surprise, the strap stayed in place and the shoulder pad did not budge from its spot on my shoulder. The strap is easy to put on. You just throw it over your arm and slip your arm through the loop that holds the strap on your arm. The BlackRapid has the same basic design concept, but the should pad was forever moving around on me, which made it unbearable to tote around. The MoneyMaker Solo Sling is comfortable to wear – even around the house. Another issue I always had with the BlackRapid strap was that the underarm security strap would unlatch. That’s not a concern at all with the MoneyMaker. The latches are firm and super-secure. Plus, as an added bonus, I don’t need assistance to get it connected.


So far, I’ve only used the Solo Sling on quick photo walks. I did have the opportunity to use it when I visited Louisville, KY recently and it made walking around with a camera in tow much easier than any other single camera strap I’ve used. It was super easy to swing the camera around to snap a couple of quick photos and then continue walking around with the camera at my side when it wasn’t in use.

MoneyMaker Solo Sling Camera Strap REVIEW


As much as I would like to say Holdfast is sponsoring me or sent me one for free they didn’t. I used my money to buy the Solo Sling and it was worth every penny. We get no commission for any sales for this or any other HoldFast Gear product. The two MoneyMakers straps I’ve mentioned are truly the only straps you will ever need. They are expensive but with all the money I’ve spent over the years on random camera straps, I could have bought the Solo Sling a few times over by this point. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase the MoneyMaker Solo Sling.

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