The ultimate dual camera strap

I am no stranger to event photography. The events I have captured have been fun, challenging, and unique. As much as I enjoy capturing events as they happen, I always told myself that I didn’t want to get into wedding photography. Even though it’s a type of event photography, weddings are special because they are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and there are no do-overs. When a client cuts the cake or sees the bride for the first time, you can’t miss those shots. I never really wanted to be responsible for ruining someone’s special moment so I’ve always avoided wedding photography. 

A few months ago, my close friend, Brian, asked me to be the photographer at his wedding. He and his fiancé (now wife) had seen my work and really wanted me to capture their special day. After some persuasion, I agreed to shoot their wedding. Needless to say, I wanted to make sure I had the best tools at my disposal and I knew this was going to be a fast-paced event. So, switching lenses was not going to be a viable option throughout the day. I also thought that carrying two separate camera bodies on two different straps was going to be a nightmare. After some research, I found HoldFast Gear’s MoneyMaker strap was exactly what I was looking for.

Money Maker Camera Strap REVIEW


The MoneyMaker strap is designed to allow photographers to carry two cameras without needing separate straps. The Bridle leather version (there is also a Water Buffalo leather option) is made from U.S. native steer hides. It’s anchored with steel d-rings and will not rust. There are safety straps included so that you have security for your cameras. The leather is strong, waxy and weather-resistant. HoldFast uses REAL full-grain leather and each piece is unique. Over time, the straps will show a natural patina from age-based on wear. The straps are built to last a lifetime no matter how much you use them. The MoneyMaker comes with everything you need for two cameras sliders, safety catches, and 2 camera HoldFasts. There are two main styles of the MoneyMaker strap original and skinny. You can choose from three color options tan, chestnut, or black. 


As I mentioned, I acquired the MoneyMaker strap in preparation for shooting a fast-paced wedding that was taking place on-location in the mountains. The first thing I did was to make sure that the strap was a proper fit. HoldFast has a very nice size & fit guide included on the product page of the MoneyMaker strap. The ‘fit’ is based on height & broadness. It’s noted that the ideal carrying position is for the strap to fall about 4 inches below the armpit so that the camera stays high on the body. If the strap is too loose, the cameras will swing too much. This puts pressure on your lower back and creates a higher risk that your cameras might get damaged. One of the big benefits of using the MoneyMaker strap is that it can actually help correct posture. According to their website, “When worn properly, the MoneyMaker will be anchored to the body and actually help to correct poor shooting posture by pulling your shoulders upright and back, keeping you and your cameras in line.” This was a big selling point for me because I suffer from some back issues. 

Money Maker Camera Strap REVIEW

When the strap arrived, I was in awe of the craftsmanship that went into the product. Every strap is made in Oklahoma and the pride in the product really shows. The straps are cut with absolute precision and the steel hardware really sets off the beauty of the natural leather. Ever since I was a child, I’ve appreciated quality leather. I grew up surrounded by horse racing jockeys and learned at an early age how to distinguish between ‘good’ leather and the other stuff. I spent most of my mornings with my grandfather around the race track cleaning the bridles with saddle soap. The look and feel of the MoneyMaker strap remind me of those days and I love how amazing the quality of the leather is.

I opted for the tan version of the strap because I really liked the tone of the color. When you put the strap on you have to imagine that you are putting a jacket on. It rests on. Your shoulders and the ‘x’ in the back should fall right between your shoulders. It’s said that this strap is good for both male and female photographers because no part of the strap actually crosses the chest. So it’s perfectly balanced for any type of photographer.


The MoneyMaker strap has a unique sailboat clip on each side of the strap. This connects to the D-ring that you attach to your camera. This is designed so that you should be able to hold the camera with one hand while pulling the sailboat clip open with the other. This might be the only criticism I have of the MoneyMaker strap because I had one very stiff sailboat clip that was nearly impossible to grip and pull open with one hand. This issue has resolved itself with regular use of the clip, but it’s something to be aware of if you order the strap for an event. Make sure to give yourself time to break it in.

Money Maker Camera Strap REVIEW

Aside from that one small issue, I would classify the MoneyMaker strap as a miracle product. The wedding went off without a hitch at least from my perspective and looking back on it, I know I couldn’t have made the shots I wanted without the help of the MoneyMaker strap. I was able to switch back and forth between cameras seamlessly (Canon 5D Mark IV with 70-200mm lens and Canon EOS-R with 24-70mm lens). The strap felt like a simple addition to my outfit and didn’t hinder my movement at all. At the end of the very long day, I was tired and my feet hurt, but my back and shoulders were at ease. The strap really did a great job of keeping weight distributed well and the stress off my body. 

Money Maker Camera Strap REVIEW


The MoneyMaker camera strap has been a godsend for me. Since the wedding, I have also used it to capture an upscale gala event as well as a large 5K charity race. Neither of those events would have been possible without using this camera strap. It’s an invaluable part of my gear now and I don’t leave home without it. 

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