• Reusable strong adhesive
  • Secure Magnetic/metallic combination
  • Card Holder on phone kickstand
  • Usable in landscape and horizontal modes
  • Texture


  • No Wireless charging

Affix a slim, lightweight MOFT X kickstand to your tablet or phone to enjoy a multi-angle hands-free viewing experience

As a species, we are often comforted by fitting into groups.  I tend to associate with the Xennials, a term coined by Sarah Stankorb in 2014 in an article for GOOD Magazine.  As a Xennial, I had the distinct luxury of being born into an analog world but was raised alongside technology.  Sometimes called the Oregon Trail Generation, those of us born between 1977 and 1983 knew a time before the advent of the cell phone and internet, yet we became the early adopters of the world that exists today.  When I received my first red Nokia phone, during my senior year of high school, I had to pay for minutes and texting.  I never imagined a time with unlimited calling, texting, internet and an always-connected world.  Our smartphones have replaced our cameras, GPS devices, watches, landline phones, video game consoles, computers and even for some, televisions.  With streaming services like HULU, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and various others, sometimes a hand free option enhances the viewing experience.  Perhaps the MOFT X Invisible and Minimalist Stand Kit for Phone and Tablet may be the perfect option for you.

MOFT X Minimalist Stand Kit REVIEW

The MOFT X arrived in a 6 1/8 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall by 7/16 inches thick package.  The plain cardboard box was adorned with a white front and back sticker.  The front sticker, 6 1/8 inches wide by 4 13/16 inches tall, displayed a black circular MOFT logo along the top left and a series of three nested triangular tablet/phone stands. The reverse sticker, 4 3/4 inches wide by 4 13/16 inches tall, provided six icons: Boost your productivity, excellent expandability with magnet, holder for cards, stable and secure, both portrait and landscape modes, comfortable handgrip.  Beneath the icons, you will find a MOFT QR code and a side-by-side list of the product dimensions. The phone stand measurements were listed as 64x105x3.8mm by 29g/1oz and the tablet stand measurements were listed as 210x150x3mm by 135g/4.8oz.  

MOFT X Minimalist Stand Kit REVIEW

Opening the box, I found a 2 x 2 x 2 inches long magnetic triangle with a tweed-like feel and an etched M on the surface.  The back panel had a triangular 3M sticker, which allowed the product to be affixed to any flat surface.  In addition to the triangular magnet, I found a 2 1/2 inches wide by 4 1/8 inches tall phone kickstand and a 5 7/8 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches tall tablet stand.  Each of the kickstands had a posterior layer of reusable sticky adhesive, which allowed the product to be affixed, repositioned or removed.  I removed the sticky backing from the phone kickstand and applied it to the back surface of my Catalyst Impact Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The main surface of the kickstand had an x-shaped tweed-like surface, similar to the magnetic triangle.  The design was rather ingenious, as the section affixed to the back of the phone had a weak magnet and the X-shaped surface had included metallic plates.  This setup allowed the kickstands to rest flat when retracted and to remain open when deployed. Between the adhesive layer and the magnetic backing of the phone kickstand, MOFT X included a small single credit card pocket.  I was pleased to find that the retracted kickstand, with the installed credit card, fit nicely within my Nite-Ize XL phone holster.

MOFT X Minimalist Stand Kit REVIEW

I have tested the kickstand over the last week and absolutely love the design.  The magnet/metallic combination worked well and remained sturdy throughout the viewing experience.  Even though I always carry a wallet with me and did not need the credit card slot, this feature may be of benefit to some individuals.  I believe the best feature of the phone kickstand was the ability to enjoy the setup in both horizontal and landscape modes.  When deployed, the kickstand created a 2 inch by 2 1/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches triangle.  The base provided a 60-degree vertical viewing angle and when rotated into a horizontal position, provided a 40-degree viewing angle.  I loved that I did not have to remove/reaffix the product to enjoy the portrait vs landscape modes.  I enjoyed the option to hold the phone in my hand with the kickstand retracted and the option to deploy the kickstand to enjoy a hands-free experience.  Alas, the pro features of the kickstand led to a negative feature.  With the MOFT X Kickstand installed on the back of my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I lost the ability to wirelessly charge my iPhone.  The ability to remove the adhesive, without marring the surface of my phone case, tempered the negative aspect of the kickstand.  Since lightning charging is a faster charging method, the negative aspect did not prove to be that big of a deal for me.  

MOFT X Minimalist Stand Kit REVIEW

The iPad Kickstand, like the smaller phone kickstand, utilized a similar setup.  The back surface had a 5 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/4 inches square adhesive layer, which could attach to the rear surface of a tablet.  Unlike the phone kickstand, the iPad Kickstand did not have a credit card pocket between the magnetic layer and the metallic plates.  Additionally, the tablet kickstand adhesive layer did not extend to the full dimensions of the kickstand. With an extra rectangular layer of metal, the tablet kickstand could assume viewing angles of 60/40/28/25 degrees in vertical orientation and 60/40/30 degrees in landscape mode.  You can attach the sticky backing to the flat surface of the tablet or to a flat surface of a tablet case. Either way, this setup provided an easy to carry, lightweight, always-available kickstand for my phone and tablet.

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