A new way to make your phone stand.

I’ve always been a minimalist. I like to keep things clean and clutter-free. I spend hours trying to determine the best way to organize cables so they are as invisible as they can be and I don’t like covering my phone with a case. When Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 12 series of phones, I was elated to find out they pulled in MagSafe as a connection method for wireless charging. Thanks to the magnet array stored in the phone, smaller accessories, like this Snap-On Phone Stand and Wallet from MOFT, can be used more freely than in years passed when they had to be attached to a bulky case. Now, thanks to MagSafe technology, we minimalists can attach flat wallets that can double as a stand without having to ruin the exterior of our phones with adhesive. 


The Snap-On Stand & Wallet is designed specifically for the iPhone 12 series of phones and is compatible with their MagSafe feature. It’s the “world’s 1st MagSafe compatible stand and wallet” according to MOFT’s website. It’s made with vegan leather and is available in four colors — Night Black, Sienna Brown, Oxford Blue, and Gey. The design of the Snap-On Stand & Wallet is an extension of the popular MOFT X classic phone stand, but instead of using adhesive, the stand attaches using magnets. Its folding design allows for flexible usage and provides for three viewing modes — portrait, landscape, and floating mode. The Snap-On features double-sided magnets so that you can not only attach the pouch onto the phone, but you can then attach it to other metal or magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, lockers, or whiteboards. MOFT also has a Magnetic Sticky Pad that will turn any surface into a magnet-friendly surface. The wallet is only 5mm thin and it will hold up to 3 cards. It is compatible with other MagSafe accessories.


The MOFT Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet comes in a very simple retail package. The main compartment of the package is plastic and it’s surrounded by cardboard. You can see the product from the front since the main compartment is clear and the back of the package outlines the different uses of the device. The Snap-on stand is one piece and doesn’t require any assembly to use it. To use the stand, you simply stick it to the back of your phone and the magnets do the work. 

One of the first things I noticed when I snapped the stand into place was that the stand isn’t strong enough to hold the phone if someone were to hold the phone using the case. I opened the stand and held the phone a few inches off of my desk and with one hard shake, the phone detached from the stand and fell to the desk. With that in mind, I attempted placing the phone with the stand attached to a refrigerator and it immediately started sliding. Therefore, I can’t recommend using the stand in that way even though it’s listed as a feature of the accessory. 

The next feature I looked at was how many cards it can hold. I attempted to place a single card into the sleeve while it was still on the phone. This was somewhat problematic because I started pushing the stand off of the phone. I removed the stand and was able to easily slide the card into the sleeve. I took it out quickly because I have some concerns about the magnetic strip on the card being damaged. While chip cards won’t be affected by the magnets in the stand, there could be interference with the magnetic strip cards because of them. The magnets in the stand aren’t particularly ‘strong,’ but they are still magnets. It seems like a decent pouch to transport a couple of cards — one fit comfortably, but two was a tight fit — but exercise caution due to the presence of magnets. 

As for its use as a stand, the Snap-on Stand & Wallet does a very nice job. First of all, it doesn’t take up extra desktop space as a stand since it’s attached to the back of the phone. The stand folds down one way and that one option supports the phone if it’s standing vertically or horizontally. The MagSafe feature of the iPhone gives users the flexibility to place the stand in a way that creates a ‘floating’ view when the phone is in landscape mode. I’ve not had any issues with the stand as a stand. It’s been good support for the phone and provides more than one viewing angle. 


While I really admire the concept of this stand, I think its execution isn’t as strong as it could be. It has three main features – a stand, a magnetic holder, and a wallet. As a stand it’s great. It supports the phone without any complications. As a wallet, you can safely store 2 cards inside, but you have to be cautious about what you are storing there due to the magnets. Finally, as a magnetic holder, it just falls short. The magnets aren’t strong enough to keep the stand on the phone unless it’s being used as a traditional stand. The stand can be removed from the phone quite easily and it’s concerning how easily it slides away from the phone. I think it’s a neat accessory, but that it’s not as strong as it could be. 

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