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I like quirky accessories. I think they make life interesting. Being a reviewer of technology products, I will spend a lot of time looking at the same types of products. So, it’s refreshing when I cross paths with a unique product like the Moft Adhesive Folding Laptop Stand. It’s a brand new design spin on a common product that can really make life a lot easier. 

Moft Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand REVIEW


The Most Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand is a lightweight, portable alternative to bulky, heavy laptop stands. Moft has the philosophy that ‘good design is invisible’ and so they designed the Foldable Laptop Stand to be unseen when attached. The stand is only 3mm thick and weighs only 2.3 ounces. There are two adjustable heights it can be set to and it will hold up to 18 pounds. The stand will work with laptops up to 15.6” in size and it has a strong adhesive built into the stand for easy installation. The stand is made from a durable polyurethane and fiberglass material for stability. 

Moft Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand REVIEW


  • Free yourself from neck pain
  • Perfect for on the go use
  • Adjustable height
  • scratch proof
  • spill & heat protection for laptop


The first thing I took notice of was the packaging. Right now, this product is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter so what I received may not be the final retail packaging that the public will see. That said, it’s very plain. The main part of it is a cardboard sleeve. It has stickers on the front and back that show off the product and provide some of its main features. Upon opening the sleeve, I discovered the stand stored in plastic. As it turns out, the stand was the only item in the sleeve. There are no instructions or user manual included with it. This is a con to me because other than looking at images on their website and Kickstarter page, I didn’t know where the best place to install the stand was.

Moft Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand REVIEW

After I determined where to place the stand on the bottom of my computer, I pulled off the plastic covering to the adhesive side and stuck it to the laptop. It was quick and painless. Installation was easy, but I do wish that Moft included some simple instructions for those who might not have reference to images of the stand. At first, I noticed that the stand sat very flat against the bottom of my laptop. I really like the look and feel of it. It has a really nice non-skid material on it that keeps your laptop from sliding around on slick surfaces and the covering blends in nicely with the color of my laptop. The stand folds neatly into the two angles that are available and then folds flat again for standard use/storage of your computer. 

Moft Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand REVIEW

There were a couple of things I took note of while I was using this stand. First, after you use it a couple of time, the stand doesn’t stay flat against the bottom of your computer anymore. I was carrying it around my house and noticed that it sort of flaps around a bit now. The description of the product on its Kickstarter page states that it should have magnets built-in to keep it securely attached but that does not appear to be the case with the unit I received.  Second, when you are using the stand, your computer is quite sturdy as long as you keep your hands resting on the keyboard. If you lean one way or the other, the laptop will lean that way, too. Finally, when you fold the stand flat against the computer and then set the laptop on a table top, it will wobble back and forth since it’s no longer flat across the bottom. None of these observances are detrimental to the use of the stand or take away from the overall impression of the product, I just wanted to make note of it here. 

Moft Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand REVIEW


Because I’m always on the go and working from my laptop is a necessity, I really like the compact nature of this stand. It doesn’t impede my ability to store my laptop in a protective sleeve and it lifts my laptop quite easily to a level that is more ergonomically correct when I’m working remotely. I have noticed that I don’t have neck strain like I did before I started using the stand. I can recommend this stand to any user based off of its ease of use, price, and utility. 

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