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Not too long ago, I had an ‘episode’. I felt as though my heart rate was elevated, I had a headache and it was hard to breathe. The symptoms subsided after a short period of time, but it was scary enough that I asked my doctor about it. My doctor gave me a clean bill of health, but that event worried me and made me want to be able to monitor my health closer at home. I have an Apple Watch that constantly monitors my movements and my heart rate, but it doesn’t give me a total picture of my heart health. So, I decided to add the MOCAheart to my list of health accessories.

MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW

The MOCAheart is a specialized device from MOCAhealth that is designed to monitor you critical heart health indicators like pulse wave velocity (MOCA index), heart rate, and blood oxygen level. It’s an all-in-one smart heart tracker that records data about your heart with a quick scan of your thumbs. The device itself is a small fingerprint scanner that only weighs 20 grams and it’s only about the length of a thumb. The MOCAheart is small enough and durable enough to carry around wherever you go. It’s water resistant, but not waterproof. The scanner is made from medical-grade stainless steel, which is great for durability, but it is also unlikely to cause skin allergies.

The magic of the MOCAheart device is that is connected to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0/BLE. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices. I used it exclusively with my iPhone X, which is running the latest version of iOS. The app makes it possible for you to be able to share your health data easily with doctors and loved ones.

MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW

As great as the device/app combo is, I was really interested in the science behind the MOCAheart. The device measures your pulse wave velocity using EKG and PPG sensors. By placing your thumb over the sensor and the other thumb over the solid part of the MOCAheart. Within about 25 seconds your smartphone records the reading in your app. You have a holistic view of your heart health and you can track it.

I’ve been using the MOCAheart for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to collect a fair amout of data before making any conclusions about its use. I’m not a doctor. So, I can’t say with medical certainty that the results I was getting were accruate, but I did try to pay attention to how I felt throughout my testing period. Any time I was feeling agitated or thought my blood pressure might be up, I grabbed the MOCAheart to get a reading. I like how easy the device is to use, but was a little put out that anytime I wanted a reading I had to open the app on my phone. It’s not that it’s a hassle per se, it’s more about timing.

MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW

See, if you feel like you might be having an episode and want to record it, you first have to get the MOCAheart out. Then you have to open your phone and the app and then you can take a reading. In that time span, your body may have calmed down. There were several times that I was stressed and wanted to record the event but by the time I had my phone ready, I felt much better. I think MOCAheart would be a great device if it would record events to itself and then sync to your phone later much like other wearables.

MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW

As for my recorded results, I found that nearly every time I took a reading my scores were in the ‘ideal’ range. My heart rate would change, but other measurements would stay close to the same. One thing I actually really appreciated was that the weather was recorded as well as the health readings. For me, this is important because I suffer with chronic pain that is caused by arthitic joints that are affected by changes in the weather. So, if I had an elevated heartrate and the weather was poor that day, I could attribute that spike to my chronic pain.

MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW MOCAHeart Monitor REVIEW

I think the MOCAheart is a valuable device to own. It takes critical measurements of your heart and helps you determine what’s best for your health.

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