This Amazon Prime Day (July 15),  MOCACARE, a company with devices that use thumb scans and wrist measurements to provide super easy ways to monitor and understand heart data, is providing its biggest discounts of the year with up to 30% off its groundbreaking products. Starting today, on Amazon Prime Day, its MOCAHeart scanner will be priced at $62.99 down from $89.99. Additionally, its blood pressure wrist cuff can be snapped up for as little as $31.99.

Heart disease continues to be the number one killer in the US and while study after study shows it can be mitigated by at home monitoring, many who could benefit most are often put off by bulky cuffs and complicated technology. MOCACARE is on a mission to overcome this with two very different devices.  

Utilizing a “press and go” technique, MOCAheart combines thumb scans with sophisticated algorithms that measure blood flow velocity to determine heart rate, blood oxygen levels and pulse wave velocity(PWV). PWV is the speed that blood travels through the vessels, which has long been regarded by the medical community as an important indicator of cardiovascular health and vascular status.  It provides an easy-to-understand indicator of overall cardiovascular health called the MOCA INDEX. While systolic and diastolic figures can be hard to understand or remember, the MOCA INDEX is a simple 1-5 scale that gives an instant snapshot of a user’s heart health without the need for bulky cuffs of complicated monitors. 

Usual price – $89.99 | Amazon Prime Day deal 30% off $62.99

Worn on the wrist, MOCACuff is a sleek, portable FDA-approved monitor that is an ideal alternative for those who find current cuffs on the upper arm uncomfortable or ill-fitting, which is one of the most common problems associated with inaccurate or failed readings.

This device takes readings at the touch of a single button and syncs to the MOCACARE app, storing all data conveniently. 

Usual price – $44.99 | Amazon Prime Day deal 30% off white cuff $31.49 and 20% off the black cuff $35.99

Both devices work in conjunction with the connected app, which allows users to share results with doctors or loved ones through its HIPPA compliant messaging platform. After each reading, the app also displays actionable insights on how to improve or maintain health.

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