Mobile World Congress 2013 Brings Us Mobile OS, Canes and Coffee Machines

Tizen OS
Tizen OSMobile Operating Systems continue to be the news of the day. Firefox announced its mobile OS, Firefox OS on Sunday and today the Tizen Association revealed their mobile OS as well. The Tizen OS is reportedly very similar to Andriod OS. The OS was previewed at MWC on a demo device although it is rumored that Samsung, Fujitsu, and Huawei will all make Tizen phones in the future.

Nano-SIM Cards Made from Paper
Beijing Big Ben produces nano-SIM cards almost entirely out of paper. The actual card is made from recyclable ABS plastic and metal, of course, but the card’s holder is 100% fiber paper. When you consider how much plastic is wasted in the card holder, this seems like a logical, greener alternative.

Coffee Machine with Wi-Fi?
Qualcomm Wi-Fi CoffeemakerMWC is a great place to find the latest, greatest tech toys and concept gadgets like Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi Coffee Machine. The coffee maker that you can control from your tablet. The concept coffee machine was created as a part of a project to show what types of everyday, household objects could benefit from the control via Wi-Fi.

Fujitsu New Generation Cane 
fujitsu new generation caneThis is probably my favorite announcement to come out of MWC 2013 thus far. Fujitsu has constructed a cane that has GPS built into the handle. The purpose behind it is to assist seniors and their families and to ensure the health and well-being of seniors. The cane works with computer software to program a route for the cane. Once it’s planned out, the cane then beams information back to the computer while its user is out on a trek. This alerts families to their loved one’s progress. The New Generation Cane is only a prototype at this time.