There are many industries out there which have a reliance on mobile technology. They have used the improvements to create a bigger, better or more convenient service for their customers.

One industry in particular has managed to do all three by taking advantage of the mobile technology that we have on offer today. That is the sports betting industry, bookmakers have been quick to use anything they can get their hands on to improve things, and we have seen some big changes.

The betting industry now is a far cry from the one that we had 20 or 30 years ago, and over the next decade, changes are expected to continue, making this almost unrecognisable compared to what older punters remember.

Why Has the Betting Industry Changed So Much?

The simple reason here is that the betting industry is one of the most competitive out there, and to try and stand out from the crowd, bookmakers have invested in their mobile sites and apps.

They know that their new punters will be younger people, who are at home using a mobile phone for a variety of different things, and by offering a high class service, they know people will use their phone to bet.

In the future, it is expected that the majority of bets will be placed via a mobile app, rather than via a desktop computer or in a shop. The convenience of this means that effectively each gambler has a bookmaker in their pocket, ready and waiting to take a bet whenever they need one.

It is this kind of dedication that bookmakers need to show, they need to be the bookmaker of choice for as many people as possible to be a success, and being in your pocket helps them do that.

What Does This Mean for Gamblers?

When you look at any aspect of the betting industry, the growth has always been spurred on by competition.

Bookmakers competing with each other drove margins lower and odds higher and it created a wide range of new betting markets. We have also seen huge offers created for new players, allowing them to bet without any financial risk attached in some cases.

Punters don’t really need to look out for themselves too much when inside the industry, as bookmakers do that for them. Anyone not keeping up, and offering a poor service in any way, will be dropped and left behind.

For the sake of their business, bookmakers cannot allow this to happen, so that means that they will be doing all within their power to provide an excellent service to their customers.

What Does the Future Hold?

If the last decade has taught us anything about the betting industry then we can expect further advances, with a continued increase in the quality of service on offer as well as more technology being used.

Bookmakers have pounced on mobile tech because they know how important it is going to be in our lives over the next few years.

They know how many people will use their phones for things other than making calls or sending messages. Bookmakers want betting on events such as the PGA Tour to be one of those things completed on mobiles.

That is highly likely to happen, especially amongst younger people who are old enough to bet but young enough to run their entire lives using the latest technology. These are the next wave of crucial customers, and the service is steadily being transformed into one that is going to suit them and their way of life, so expect even more mobile tech and even more convenience.