There is hardly an industry that hasn’t been affected by the development of technology. Gambling is not an exception. The first online casinos started showing up in 1994, when Microgaming developed the first online casino games. They were far from the high-quality platforms that operate today. The online casino market has come a long way. Now, gamblers can play on secure websites that offer hundreds of pokies, table games, and even live dealer games.

Mobile gaming took a bit longer to come to the attention of gamblers. Over the last five years, the mobile casino industry experienced substantial growth. There’s rarely a website that doesn’t have its mobile version, which is perfectly accessible via any device. Some casinos, such as DraftKings, offer Android and iOS applications for utmost convenience. 

Why Does Mobile Gaming Work for Gamblers?

Apparently, human psychological processes are wired to interact with mobile technology in a more enhanced way. A research study from 2016 explored the behavioral patterns behind mobile gambling. It clearly describes why people like to gamble: this behavior works on the random ratio principle of reinforcement. The players get their thrill because the desired reinforcer (money or the mere act of winning) occurs randomly and somewhat unexpectedly. 

High-frequency gamblers have difficulties to suppress the urge to play more, in quest for a higher frequency of that thrill. That’s why the online casino industry is so attractive to them. These are the benefits they get through mobile casino sites and apps:

  • Online games produce strong feelings of anticipation. The Mega Moolah progressive pokie, one of the most popular online casino games, promises the chance to win millions of dollars with a single spin. Many players have already won huge amounts throughout the years. That enhances the gambler’s belief and expectation that the next game will be the winning one.
  • The games are perfectly designed to fit to the mobile screen. Slots, in particular, are provided in an excellent format for mobile play. Top-notch developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, make table games and live dealer games convenient on mobile, too. 
  • Mobile devices make online casino real money accessible at any time. The players can interact with the sites and applications on a frequent and habitual basis, without the need to visit the casino. The smartphone reinforces the frequency of play more than the computer. We have it with us at all times, so we can access a real online casino on the move. 

What happens with the lurking danger of problem gambling? Although the frequency of play can be enhanced via mobile, the players get access to different mechanisms that prevent addiction. As an example, all high-quality British online casinos link to GamCare – a national service that helps the players overcome addictive behavior. In the USA, the State of New Jersey developed a self-exclusion program. When the player becomes part of it, they are unable to access the legit websites that operate in that state. 

Mobile play is getting safer, which is why more gamblers decide to download apps and access mobile sites on a daily basis.   

Why Does Mobile Gaming Work for Online Casinos?

The industry is wired to respond to the demand of its audience. When online gamblers get access to a mobile casino iPhone app and they like it, they will continue choosing it over all other gambling sites without a smartphone version. Most operators understood that mobile is an important channel for their services. Moreover, it may become the most important one in the near future. 

If you take a look at the homepage, you’ll notice that it features exclusive coupons for mobile play. It’s what the audience is after, so gambling brands compete to get featured on these recommendation sites. Before offering a special discount to mobile players, they have to develop the platform and offer extreme quality and safety of play.

With innovative applications, online gambling operators get a chance to attract a greater number of gamblers. Developers face challenges to adapt the games to the mobile environment, but they manage to tailor the content in a specific way to make it attractive for fast and casual play.      

In addition to delivering what the players demand, gambling brands benefit in other ways from casino games for mobile:

  • They strengthen their brands. Through mobile gaming, they get more opportunities to promote themselves to a larger audience. In a crowded market where the customers have a plethora of choices, the providers must work on their brand image in every way possible. High-quality applications help with that.
  • Applications encourage loyalty. When you have a casino on your mobile, you won’t bother downloading other apps. You don’t have space for too many of them. Offering an app is a good way for the casino to keep you as their loyal user. 
  • Mobile is the future of the industry. Today’s major operators are focused not only on current trends, but on predicting the future as well. It’s safe to say that the industry is moving online, and everyone wants to be a leader by providing the best mobile experience.  

The Real Money Online Casino Industry Is Getting Smarter

The mobile-first trend is important across all industries. For a website to be successful, it has to offer a fully functional mobile version. This is a major reason why most gambling brands move towards the mobile environment. 

With the gambling app trend, online casino brands are getting smarter, too. They can include voice payment systems, new mobile wallets, and get more data for their analytics. 

The gamblers benefit through a faster and improved gameplay, which they can access occasionally. They don’t have to plan a specific time of their day to spend on gambling. They can launch their app at any moment and quickly get their thrill. 

Most people have already tried free online casino games for fun through different sites and apps. But the online gambling industry is more serious than that. The operators offer high-quality games that let you win real money. When the players experience that on mobile, it’s no wonder that they love the thrill and the convenience.