Create high-quality memes with this iOS app.

Momus Meme Studio is the professional meme-makers’ app that streamlines the entire meme-making process. Designed by a team of top meme-creators, Momus Meme Studio makes it easier than ever to create high-quality memes in all of the latest styles, using all of the latest trending meme images, ‘watermark’ finished memes and share to social, all in one, easy-to-use app.

Mobile App Momus Meme Studio Launches for iOS NEWS Mobile App Momus Meme Studio Launches for iOS NEWS Mobile App Momus Meme Studio Launches for iOS NEWS

The App Store is littered with meme-making apps that offer shoddy, broken experiences. Momus Meme Studio changes the game, as the one-stop shop for professional meme-making, created by a team of content creators with millions of followers across social. It has everything you’d need from a functional standpoint to make memes (text/image editing, watermark adding/editing, etc.) but more importantly, has trending meme template styles and trending meme image ‘inspirational gallery’ built in, updated in real-time as news and pop culture trends emerge. Momus will actively engage users with push notifications, in-app messaging and email programming, and ultimately create a global community around creating and sharing memes and humor.

The main features of Momus Meme Studio includes:

  • Make original memes using classic and trending templates (Impact style, Twitter style, Multi-image, Fake News, etc.)
  • Text, image and watermark editing
  • Inspiration gallery of trending images, updated in real-time
  • Templates added as new meme styles emerge
  • Custom sticker + filter packs, updated constantly to capture best of pop culture
  • Ability to add watermarks
  • Share memes straight to social
  • Save memes to an in-app library

Momus Meme Studio is an iOS app. We plan to launch an Android version in 2018.

DOWNLOAD – Momus – FREE (in-app purchases)
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