Mobee Technology is a Swiss Based company launched in September 2010 that aims to provide innovative power solutions  for Apple products. Distributed in 51 countries worldwide, The Magic Charger was the first product from Mobee to be launched on the Market. This award-winning device (9/10 Engadget, Editor’s Choice Macworld, IF Product design award 2011 …..) is currently available on the Apple Store Online & Retail in US & Europe.

Thanks to the great people over at Mobee, I got a chance to test out one of their chargers for Apple’s Magic Mouse. After doing the unboxing video and setup, I had to wait for it to charge before I was able to start my review. My first impressions of this product was how light weight and compact it is. I was shocked on how well it is designed; its like something straight out of Apple’s design room in California. I plugged it into the iMac and moved over to my Macbook Pro as I waited for it to charge completely. I have had this device in-house for about two weeks, but wanted to test the longevity of the batteries during a normal work day. I have to say that it’s holding a charge longer than expected and I can’t complain at all.

This is a must have for all Magic Mouse owners. Mobee has designed a wonderful charger thats very compact and portable. The one thing I noticed, whichI spoke about in the video, is that the battery plate is covered on the corners where the apple battery plate is straight. This does not cause any problems nor will you be able to tell a difference while in use. I’ve been using the Apple rechargeable batteries for my Magic Mouse and switching to the Mobee Magic Charger is great. You can buy the Mobee Magic Charger for $49.90

To find out more about this device or others by Mobee visit their website. As a gift for our valuable readers, we are pleased to offer an 8% rebate coupon available until end of May for pre-orders on the Magic Bar using following code : “MAGICBAR0511”