Imagine you are working on a video in Final Cut Pro X. And, on your timeline you have a title built in Motion. Now, you are working along and you decide to make an edit on the Motion title and you save it in Motion. When you return to your timeline in Final Cut Pro, your Motion title has done a disappearing act leaving behind its spot on the timeline and a red screen complete with a missing element graphic (the yellow triangle with exclamation point) and a dotted lined capital “T”. If you have been able to imagine yourself this far, you will be where I was last night. I was touching up a video and all of a sudden I was met with the ‘red screen of death’ and was unable to find an explanation for it online. Search after search led me no where and all I could find was that the red screen meant that the element was missing. So what happened and how do you fix it?

What Happened

Motion released an update on October 23rd – 5.0.5. This update was the cause of my woes. What happened was that this update wasn’t allowing any Motion 5.0.5 files, like the updated file I saved, to link correctly to Final Cut Pro. Every file I tried to save out was being seen in the Titles Browser, but weren’t reading on the timeline.

How to Fix It 

Once the problem was defined, we realized that the way to fix it was to update Final Cut Pro X, too. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 was released on October 23rd, too and once we made sure we were on the latest update, the Motion Titles were found.

Because these updates happened so recently, it was hard to find any information on it. In fact, I couldn’t even find an image that matched what I was seeing (the example points to a missing element, but not a missing Title). If you happen to run into an issue like this, check to make sure that your versions of Final Cut and Motion are compatible.