A pocket full of light.

A few years ago I was introduced to a small cube-shaped light called Lume Cube. That tiny little light made it possible for photographers to have a portable light for those places that might be hard to reach. There are lots of benefits to having a small battery operated light right in your pocket. While the Lume Cube served its purpose, it was borderline cost-prohibitive at $80 per light. As handy at that little light was, I was excited to hear about another versatile LED light called Moin Light.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW


The Moin Light (L1) is a micro LED light that is useable for both video and photo adventures.  It’s Bluetooth compatible, comes equipped with adjustable color temperature, is waterproof (10m/32.8ft), and suitable for a wide variety of applications. The light is pocket-sized and provides a consistent spread of light. The Moin L1 provides light at 1200 LUX at 50cm, which makes it one of the brightest lights of this size. The brightness level and color temperature can be adjusted through the all-in-one button on the back of the light or through the companion app.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW

The light has a ¼” screw on the bottom that allows users to mount it to a variety of places like a DSLR, drone, action camera or even a tripod. The Moin L1 LED has a feature called Intelligent Wireless Control, which allows up to 6 Moin L1’s to be independently or simultaneously controlled with mobile devices. The light is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 10 hours at 2% brightness, 2 hours at 100% brightness and 40 minutes at 150% brightness. In addition to the ¼” screw hole, the Moin L1 can be mounted to anything metal without the aid of a harness because the back of the light is magnetic.


  • 3200K-5600K
  • 10+ hours of usage at 2% brightness, 2 hours at 100% brightness and 40 mins at 200% brightness
  • Maximum brightness ≥1000lm
  • Waterproof level: IP68  (up to 10m/32.8ft)
  • 6 lamp beads
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery: 7.4V 800mAh
  • Rated: 4W
  • Battery life: 2 hours in maximum brightness
  • Standby time: 2 years
  • Dimension: 38mm*38mm*39mm
  • Bluetooth support 1/4 camera screw
  • Charging: 5V/2A magnet interface
  • CRI≥90
  • TLCI≥90

The Moin L1 comes packaged with an adapter ring, several color filters, charging cable, and a user manual.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW


First impressions are always important. And with the Moin L1 LED, I discovered out of the box how rugged this little light is. When the package arrived, the exterior wrapping had not been disturbed and looked similar to what you would expect shipping packaging to look like. Before unwrapping it, I could hear something rattling around inside. I was concerned that the light had been broken in shipping and was surprised to find that the light was in perfect condition. The rattling I had heard was coming from the light because it was no longer attached to the mount that was built-in to the box. This meant that the light had been rolling around inside its hard plastic box during its journey. This was impressive to me because the light showed no signs of wear/tear from this.


As far as light operation goes, it’s fairly easy to work with. To power it on, you have to press/hold the multifunction button on the back for 3+ seconds. After that, a single press will move you through the different brightness levels and change the color temperature. When you are done, another long press of the multifunction button will shut it down. While this is a pretty simple process, I actually found it easier to use the companion app to control the light’s levels and color.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW

I was impressed with the quality of the light overall. It doesn’t get quite as bright as the Lume Cube (631.35 Lumen) or the Litra Torch (800 Lumen) because it is only outputting approximately 252 Lumen (estimated based on 1200 LUX @ 0.5m), but it still puts out a nice spread of light. I like the ability to change color temperature without adding a filter and the fact that color filters are included. There were four color filters included with my Moin L1 — blue, yellow, orange, and red. The addition of any of these colors can dramatically change the look of a photo. Just take a look at the photos I’ve included below. I took a single image of my AirPods in a red leather case to show what they looked like with very little available light, with 5% cool light, 5% warm light, 5% cool & warm light, and then with each of the colored filters. I love that these filters were included and that they are so easy to mount to the one.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Original – with available light
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Cool Light – 5%
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Warm Light – 5%
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Cool & Warm Light – 5%
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW

I also took photos of our patio set outside at night and was pretty happy with the results.

Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW
Mirfak Moin M1 LED REVIEW

One of the only things I don’t like about this light is the charging method. The Moin L1 comes with a proprietary cable that attaches magnetically to the back of the light. The cable itself is nice and sturdy, but because it isn’t a universal charging cable like a USB-C or even a Micro USB connector, it’s a little intimidating to use. I’m constantly afraid that something might happen to the light or that the cable might get lost. Then what? I hope that maybe in the future, Mirfak might update that connection to be something more widely used.

As nice as this little light is for photography and videography, I found that it’s also super handy for other uses. While I was in the process of testing out this light for this review, I was also helping to redo a desk setup. This included a lot of under-desk time to clean up cable clutter and I needed extra light. I turned on the Moin L1 and slapped it onto on of the metal legs of the desk and voila! I had light and no additional cables to fight with. It was the perfect device for that purpose.


The Moin L1 is a great all-purpose lighting option. Not only does it do a great job with photo/video lighting, but it’s also a good utility light option when you have to be in cramped places. As nice as the Lume Cube is, I do feel that the Moin L1 is a better choice for me. Not only does it have a more budget-friendly cost ($50-60 vs $70-80 per light), but it runs cooler, has a better battery life, and charges quickly. It’s a fantastic little LED and I personally think it’s hard to beat.

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