Shoe life tracker leaves something to be desired.

Mino Shoe Life Tracker Review 3For many years now I have worn shoes until they fall apart. I like to get the most out of them before sending them to be recycled or tossing them out. The problem is that I have a bad foot and solid support is important to my overall well-being and comfort. So, how do you judge when a shoe is past its prime? There is a very cool product in the market called Mino that is a shoe life tracker.

Mino is a one-time use, self-adhesive insole tracker that measures the amount of steps (distance) taken so that it can determined when it’s best to swap out your shoes. The Mino is calibrated to accept 400 miles of compression as acceptable use for a single pair of shoes. Each mile equals out to approximately 600 steps (running and walking steps are counted differently) and there are 6 progressive LEDs that light up indicated your level of use with your shoes.

Mino Shoe Life Tracker Review 4First Impressions
When I first received the package that contained the Mino, I was shocked at its size. It is small and I just didn’t quite understand how it would report that your shoes were worn out. I this the best feature of the Mino is that it’s self-adhesive. The backing is meant to stick inside your shoe and not move around that it can accurately measure your use.

Installing the Mino into your shoes is really very easy. You simply peel up the insole of  your shoes and insert the Mino into both of your shoes. The back of the Mino fits right up against the heel. Since it is only 2.5mm thick, you really barely notice that it’s there. Once Mino is in place, you replace your insole and then start using your shoes.

Mino Shoe Life Tracker Review 5When I put my shoes on, I did feel the Mino, but after I walked for a bit, I really couldn’t notice them. After a few days, I checked the meter on the Mino. It was very easy to read. To check the life of you shoes, you simply tap on a small “O” on the show tracker itself. There the LED indicator shows the life level of your shoes.

Mino is meant to work with brand new, unworn shoes. For my testing purposes, I did test it out on used shoes that I have worn for quite a while. I did this because I was curious how Mino would work with previously worn shoes. Unfortunately, it does not because Mino cannot guess the number of compressions that a shoe has already used up. So, this reviewer would recommend that you start fresh with a new pair of shoes.

Mino Shoe Life Tracker Review 6I am sad to report that Mino did not stay in place for me as it should have. After 48 hours of use, I pulled up the insole and discovered that they had shifted and were sitting almost horizontal. That was concerning to me because I don’t think they can get an accurate reading at that angle. I replaced them, but don’t really have confidence that the adhesive will hold since they are only meant for one use. It is completely possible that had I used brand new shoes, these would have stayed in place better.


I really like the concept of Mino and hope that future versions of it will continue to evolve the concept.

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