Mini USB Fans work well for travel as well as home uses.

The first personal fan I had was a small clamp fan that I used when I went to camp during the summer. Those cabins were never air conditioned and in the middle of the summer, nights were still hot and unbearable to sleep through without a fan. Those older fans served their purpose, but there has been an evolution with fans as there has been in other areas of technology as well. Fans have gotten smaller and have emerged as USB powered instead of the standard wall plug style. Even though that has become a popular trend, I never expect to find, let alone enjoy, these Gumby-like USB powered fans.

Mini USB Fan Review 2

These Mini USB Fans are great for everyday use as well as travel. I get over heated pretty quickly and will be making a four hour flight to CES in January. So, I have been looking for something to help keep me from feeling the heat while cramped up on the plane. This tiny stick fan does the trick really well. I was very impressed with how much air these little fans actually output. They are enough to keep me from overheating while sitting in my living room and I believe they will be even better a smaller space, like an airplane, where the breeze will be more concentrated. They bend freely and can angle any way you need them. Hence, why I referred to them as Gumby-like.

Mini USB Fan Review 3

While sitting in my living room chair, I had the fans plugged into a USB wall outlet and it worked beautifully. In testing the fans out, I also found that they work great with portable USB battery packs as well. Not only will these Mini USB Fans work well for me on the plate, but they will also come in extremely handy while walking around the show floor while at the convention.