Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review:

Takes mobile sound recording to the next level.

Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review 3Professional videography has taken an interesting turn in the past few years. The cameras on our mobile phones have gotten so advanced that filmmakers are actually utilizing their phones as their primary cameras. One such example is the “Connection Lost” episode of the ABC TV series, Modern Family. This episode was shot entirely off of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. And while that episode was a landmark, the show’s director has discussed how many scenes throughout the show’s tenure have been shot using the iPhone as a primary camera.

Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review 4With this in mind, technology companies have been creating more and more accessories for use with mobile phones and their videography capabilities. One of these accessories is a shotgun microphone built for mobile phones.

A shotgun mic is the most directional microphone you can have. It allows you to capture sound by pointing it in a specific direction and are the most common type of microphone used in television and film set-ups. Photojojo makes a great shotgun mic for mobile phones called the Mighty Mic.

Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review 5Mighty Mic is a tiny microphone that mounts to your mobile phone and allows you to capture your audio from your subject and not where your phone’s mic is pointed. It’s a pro-grade shotgun mic in miniature form and will give you much better sound than that of your regular mobile microphone.

Mighty Mic is great because it’s so simple. I’ve seen other accessories that utilize Bluetooth or require you to connect through a proprietary app, but not this little mic. You simply plug it in and then start recording.

Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review 7I literally couldn’t resist testing this little wonder out as soon as we received it. I took some pictures of it and then started recording. Very simply, I recorded some test audio with the iPhone 6’s native microphone, then with the Mighty Mic pointed away from me and then with the Mighty Mic pointed towards me. The sound difference was incredible.

The Mighty Mic is made from metal and is incredibly sturdy. It comes with a built-in headphone jack so that you can monitor your audio, plus a windsock and travel pouch so that you can keep all your microphone’s pieces together. It doesn’t require any batteries because it’s powered from your phone’s headphone jack.

Mighty Mic Mobile Shotgun Microphone Review 8The Mighty Mic is a great option for a mobile shotgun microphone. I love the sound quality and it really helps to boost the mobile camera package.

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