Stylish protection for your iPad Pro and accessories


  • Correct amount of space and protection for iPad Pro with keyboard
  • Attractive and modern design


  • None, I love this thing.

I attend a variety of business meetings and need different drives for different situations. Sometimes it’s a keynote presentation on my MacBook and sometimes it’s the same thing on my iPad Pro. If the meeting space can accommodate connecting my iPad, I prefer to use it for simplicity and battery life, but also because the iPad can be handed to someone to show them information or drawn on with the Apple Pencil for collaboration.

If all I’m bringing along is my iPad and some accessories I don’t need my full nerd back of tricks and usually, this means that the meeting will be more formal. I know it’s hard for some of you to believe, but I do clean up well when required and I can put together a matching outfit.

MIER iPad Pro Messenger Bag REVIEW

The MIER iPad Pro Messenger bag is nice because it gives me everything I need and nothing extra that I don’t. What I mean by this is it protects my iPad while providing all of the necessary accessory storage.

This will hold your iPad Pro with keyboard / back cover with room to spare. There is also an are for papers / folders and a zipper compartment on the inside for loose items like thumb drives, etc. There is another zipper compartment on the front that is concealed by the flap that can store more loose items, business cards, Apple pencil and a regular old pen.

MIER iPad Pro Messenger Bag REVIEW

The MIER bag feels well made and was light and comfortable to carry. The one I reviewed is light gray with a minimalist pattern and it looked great next to almost any color I held it up to. I would recommend to anyone looking for a simple iPad Pro messenger bag.