Memory Clean for Mac frees up inactive memory quickly.

One of my favorite types of app to play with is the menu bar utility. If you have been readying my reviews over the past few months, you will see a trend in menu bar utilities. Tonight, I bring you Memory Clean for Mac by Fiplab.

Memory Clean is a free menu bar utility that shows your memory usage and then breaks down that usage into Active, Wired, Inactive, Free, Used and Total. So, why go to the trouble clear up your system’s memory? Well, when you use a memory intensive app, like most video games, video editing software or graphic design tools, memory gets allocated to the cache of that program. When you close the program, that memory is still tied up. When you use a program like Memory Clean, that lost memory is freed up for use again.

Memory Clean ScreenshotWhen I first installed the utility, I cleaned up the memory on my computer. To my surprise, Memory Clean freed up over a gig of memory. I have 8 GB total on my laptop. I decided to really put the app to the test. I opened several memory intensive apps including Photoshop, iTunes, iPhoto, Illustrator, InDesign and Pages.  I quickly watched as my memory usage plummeted to 3.22 GB available. With all the apps still open, I used Memory Clean and saw it rise to 4.39 GB available and after closing the apps, it rose even more to 5.67 GB available.

I would recommend this to anyone who plays frequent games or uses memory intensive apps like the ones I mentioned. It could really increase your computer’s productivity and allow apps to run more smoothly.