Memio great for studying.

Memio iOS App Review 2Ok app, where were you when I needed you? I have spent countless hours working with copy, cover, write and check or write/rewrite as a method to memorize facts and figures. Who else has had to memorize words, diagrams, images the old fashioned way? This, like most things tends to change with time.

I have been given the opportunity to review a new app called Memio-Memorize Diagrams. This app is pretty specific in scope and is invaluable to students of all ages, whether you are in grade school or college. Where I think this would shine most is in the sciences and specifically medical school.

I have studied countless diagrams, and would have loved to have access to a tool like this. You are able to capture any image with your device’s camera, you can make tags, or blur out the ones already on the diagram. Test yourself, create your own organized decks, track your progress on them, and decide if there are some that don’t need practice.

Memio iOS App Review 3Memio iOS App Review 4What’s best, you can take them anywhere you go without lugging around countless numbers of books. You can have all of the important diagrams from your classes in one place for that next exam. Studying for boards? Studying for another block exam? This would have been perfect for biology class, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Pathology and Physiology to name a few. Studying the United States or world geography? The app will help you too.

I really like that this app has no adds or pop ups, that it is streamlined and super easy to use. So, how do you use this? The tutorial details it all and you will be an expert within about 1 minute. Step 1 find a diagram of interest and capture it via photo (from a book/page or other source or screen shot it from your phone). Idevices can screen capture by holding the sleep/wake button and touching the home button. Add a deck Memio iOS App Review 6(organization) or add to a previous deck. You are then given a few options at the top of the screen. Study, squiggle or edit. Select the squiggle and then you can choose a pen of one of 3 thicknesses. Conceal the words. If you make a mistake you can select edit at the top and tap the line and delete it. Now study and practice.

I am really pleased with this app, it would have helped me considerably in school. Screen shots work really well. You can organize the subjects into decks, which feels like having separate binders. If you are a student or someone needing to memorize/learn figures this app will serve you really well. I give it 5/5 stars for ease of use, scope, utility. It is a great app, a clean app and one that should be considered one of the top productivity apps for teachers and students. Use this as a teaching aid in the classroom. Honestly, the benefits of this app in the education world, are limited only to the imagination of the user. Good luck and happy studying.

Memio iOS App Review 5

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