Patriotically themed meme generator.

As a resident of the internet, I like to think myself well versed in memes. But even those who don’t spend most of their time exploring the depths of Reddit cannot have missed the onslaught of viral posts that have taken over social media due to the whole political climate thing going on. MemeTheVote is a meme generator application designed to quickly and easily add text to images to post online. As the name and stars-and-stripe-y motif suggest, its intent is to help people express their (unpopular) opinions (puffin) about things like presidential candidates, gun control, and civil rights. Though there isn’t anything that limits the app’s use for other purposes as well, so you could also use it to make Grumpy Cat posts about hating everything. You do you.

MemeTheVote for iOS App REVIEW MemeTheVote for iOS App REVIEW MemeTheVote for iOS App REVIEW

In the spirit of meming the vote, I decided to test out the app by putting some Trump quotes over pictures of Zapp Brannigan. It’s been my favorite trend this past week, and it’s appropriately political, so why not?

So, like most meme generators, the basic functions are choosing templates, importing images, and adding text. There are only four templates, though these formats are pretty versatile. You can add photos from your library or use the in-app search, which uses Yahoo, to easily import images into the app. After creating your masterpiece, you can then easily save or share it. MemeTheVote has a partiality, it seems, for Instagram, as one of the templates is specifically formatted for easy Instant sharing, and in the Share tab, the options include Save, Share, and Instagram. It makes sense, with Instagram being an image sharing site and all.

MemeTheVote for iOS App REVIEW MemeTheVote for iOS App REVIEW

All in all, MemeTheVote is a pretty standard meme generator with the added quirk of being patriotically themed and the convenience of the in-app search and Instagram integration.

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