Tiny Hearing Aids That Make Hearing Real

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting the Raphael, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Eargo. This company has designed the world’s smallest hearing aids that almost look like fishing lures. Even though that might cause a laugh, hearing loss is no joke and neither are these hearing aids. I suffer from acute hearing loss and cannot hear high-end frequencies like birds chirping or seat belt dings. Because of this, I was intrigued by what Eargo has to offer.

Eargo’s virtually invisible devices come ready-to-use right out of the box. Our patented Flexi Fibers, made from medical-grade silicone, comfortably hold Eargo in place, allowing the device to float inside the ear. Flexi Fibers don’t block the ear canal, so some natural bass sounds pass through the device, for a quality of sound close enough to nature to make nature a little nervous. There are no tiny switches to adjust volume levels, rather with a simple tap of the ear; you are able to switch between four different sound profiles that announce which level you’re tuning into. Eargo hearing devices are rechargeable and can be worn for a full day before having to recharge. Gone are the days of fussing with tiny, pesky batteries.

Eargo believes that people shouldn’t feel they need a hearing aid, they should feel they want one. But hearing aids have become stigmatized and the entire buying process is designed to be intimidating with an out-of-date distribution model. This has left the 48 million Americans suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss with little options in seeking the hearing solutions they need. So it should come as no surprise that 40 million of them live without any type of hearing device….essentially living in silence.

This is the type of thing I live with every…single…day. I have tried hearing aids before and had some successes with them, but have also found some to be too bulky to be comfortable for me to wear in public. This is why Eargo piqued my interest and I decided to seek them out for an interview during Showstoppers on January 9.

For more information, visit eargo.com.
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