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App developer Readdle has released a brand new version of its flagship app, PDF Expert. It’s now available for download in the iTunes App Store. This update brings magic to the PDF. You will be able to edit text and images in PDFs right on iPhone and iPad, with all-new design and cloud compatibility. Being an avid user of PDF Expert on iOS devices, I’m very excited about this update.

Some of the new features for PDF Expert 6 include:

Meet the All New PDF Expert 6 NEWSEdit PDF text, images, and links – Readdle added a unique superpower that allows you to edit PDFs. Do things nobody else can! PDF editing comes as an additional in-app purchase. I frequently edit PDFs directly within PDF apps like Adobe Acrobat Pro. But, I really enjoy native Mac apps so I try to use PDF expert whenever possible. Since this feature is an in-app purchase and not included with the update, I will probably still take my PDFs onto my Mac to work with inside PDF Expert for the Mac. That said, I’m really glad this is an option on iOS devices.

  • Edit and modify PDF text
  • Add and replace images
  • Add links to text and pictures
  • Hide sensitive information using Redact feature.

New Design – A completely new design brings an amazing experience when adding and managing files in PDF Expert. The new design is absolutely stunning. I’ve always felt that PDF Expert was easy to navigate, but it’s even more user-friendly now.

  • You make fewer taps in order to edit, zip, tag, move or sync files. Bigger file preview thumbnails give you a better idea of the content of that Excel spreadsheet or PPT presentation.
  • A new prominent “+” button allows you to quickly and easily import files, be it documents from your computer, Dropbox, or any other source.

Work in the cloud – With PDF Expert 6 you can work on the fly in the cloud. If you edit, annotate or sign documents in Dropbox using PDF Expert, all edits are saved right there without downloading the document. I mainly work within my iCloud Drive, but I love that this feature has been upgraded. I will also use Dropbox on occasion and I love not having to download files before working with them.

  • The cloud sync speed is improved for Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.  You can work with PDFs, and we take care of the rest. It just works.

Password protection – You can protect specific PDFs that contain sensitive data with a password. Thank goodness this was an upgraded feature. I work with a lot of sensitive data sometimes and when I pass my iPad or iPhone off to someone, I don’t want them to have access to those documents. This is a very easy to use feature and I’m really glad it’s been added.

Enhanced search – Finding a word or a document is super easy since you can search through multiple documents and file types.

Edit Outlines – Outlines are great when you are working on a huge document to structure your data.  You can easily edit an outline in a few clicks.

This is the most anticipated update for over 5 million PDF Expert 5 users. We’ve launched PDF Expert for Mac in 2015 and it has won App of the Year Runner app on the Mac App Store. PDF Expert 6 will be available worldwide on the App Store for $9.99. The editing function comes as an additional in-app purchase for another $9.99. The update is available now from the iTunes App Store and is free for current users.


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