Use your wireless headphones anywhere.

If you’ve ever boarded a plane or stepped onto a treadmill only to realize that you only have AirPods (or other wireless headphones) with you, then you understand how frustrating it is knowing you won’t be able to use the entertainment system. Meet AirFly, a tiny device that connects wireless headphones to any wired headphone jack. With this clever device, you simply plug AirFly into the headphone jack, pair your wireless headphones and you can watch in-flight movies or catch up on current events at the gym without being tethered by cords.

AirFly highlights:

  •  Allows wireless headphones to work with wired headphone jacks
  • Pairs AirPods (or other wireless sets) with in-flight entertainment systems
  • Listen to your health club’s TVs with wireless sport headphones
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 8 hours and recharges with included USB

AirFly will keep you entertained even on long-haul flights with its built-in battery. Each charge will last up to 8 hours and can be recharged at any time with the included USB cord. For those planes with the headphone jack next to the USB in the seatback, you can plug both the audio and the charging cables in at the same time to ensure you’re ready to go when you board the next leg of your journey. AirFly even comes with a handy pouch to keep everything you need in one, travel-friendly place.

AirFly is available now for $39.99 at For frequent flyers, you can grab an AirFly in most airports in one of the Best Buy Express machines or in an InMotion shop.

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