Smart security light brings peace of mind and style to your home.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEWBack at CES, I had a great conversation with the makers of Kuna, a smart home security services company. Kuna is the power behind the device and provides ‘smart’ security options for your home. They have strategic partners that are helping to make their platform more available to more people. One of the Kuna connected products is an outdoor security light called the Maximus Smart Security Light. They focus on prevention and not just detection and they work to create outdoor home security devices that fit seamlessly into your home’s design. While there are several options for outdoor security cameras, MAXIMUS designed their camera to look like an outdoor light fixture so that the ‘camera’ is nearly invisible to outsiders. Most people won’t even notice it because the camera blends in so well. There are several different styles of light fixtures to fit your home’s particular style. The one I have is the Craftsman style.

While I was at the convention, I had the opportunity to look at the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light, powered by Kuna, hands-on. I was amazed at how well it was designed. The product designers used high quality materials to build the MAXIMUS light and the Kuna camera was well-hidden at the base. I wasn’t able to see how the camera worked at CES, but was very impressed with the build quality of the light fixture itself. It wasn’t until I received a MAXIMUS Smart Security Light to review at home.

The MAXIMUS Smart Security Light comes with all the pieces and parts you need to complete the installation of the light. While MAXIMUS makes the installation process easy, I would advise that if you are not familiar with home repairs or aren’t comfortable working around electricity, I would call an electrician.

The nice thing about the MAXIMUS light is that it is powered by the house’s wiring. So, there is no need to run additional wiring or connect it to power. If you have an older lighting fixture that you were looking to replace, the MAXIMUS is a great option because you can use all the existing wiring. The install was actually pretty painless – just like installing any other outdoor light.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW

Like I said previously, I didn’t have the chance to try out the camera and app at CES, and this was a feature I was very interested in. One area of our home that can use coverage is our back patio. There are two gates as well as a door that leads to our garage and a sliding glass door that leads to our living room. I installed our MAXIMUS into the exterior wall beside the sliding glass door because it has the best possible vantage point of the patio.

Fortunately, I’ve not had issues with any intruders on the property. The video feed is spot on. It’s beautiful crisp, clear HD streaming video makes it very easy to see minute details in your viewing area. The MAXIMUS does not have night vision for its camera, but if you have enough light for your viewing area, the 720P resolution allows objects to be very visible. The audio is very loud – much louder then I expected – and that’s a great thing. There is a nice siren that you can turn on with the iOS app and it causes the light to flash and make a buzzing sound that would make in intruder think twice before breaking into the house.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW

Another great feature of the MAXIMUS is the motion sensor/automatic light. Using the Kuna app, you have full control over the light. You can manually turn it on and off, or set a schedule for it. We have ours set as a dusk to dawn, motion-triggered schedule. This means that if the camera detects the motion between the hours of sunrise and sunset, it will kick the light on. And, not only does it kick the light on, but it also sends notifications to your phone through the Kuna app.

The motion trigger doesn’t just work with as a lighting option. It also works to serve as a notification system to the user. The great thing about this that you know when someone comes to your door and you can use the speaker option to talk to them without ever getting up to answer the door. A great use of this function is deliveries. I receive packages daily and there are some times that I am not at home. If a delivery person comes to the door, I can still greet them and let them know it’s ok to leave the box on the front or back steps. The app has some pre-designed voice messages that you can use to answer calls. They even sort of sound like my voice.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW

One thing I’m not liking is the push-to-talk feature. When pressing the microphone button, I speak and the iOS app takes a second to switch back to hearing the audio of the person outside. This makes some of my conversation cut off. This could be something that would be corrected in a future app update I would hope. You can always view the live video feed by opening the Kuna app and you can review captured video for up to 2 hours after it’s recorded. And, like with most security systems, there are premium subscription options with additional recording/storage features.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEW

Even though the Kuna app and MAXIMUS Smart Security Light are meant to be for home security, I have to say that one of the more pratical uses I’ve found is watching out for my grandma. We take care of her now that she is 83 years old and she loves playing in the garden so she will go outside on the patio to water plants or watch the dog and when she does, there is always a chance that she might stumble or fall. I don’t want her to feel like I’m chaperoning her every time she walks outside, but I like to keep a watchful eye on her in case of trouble. The MAXIMUS Smart Security Light is helping us give her some independance and gives us peace of mind that she’s safe.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light REVIEWConclusions
The MAXIMUS Smart Security Light are designed to give you peace of mind that your home, belongings, and loved ones are safe. It was created with anonymity in mind. You can install this remarkable device and have an advanced security system as well as a stylish light fixture in the same product. It’s an amazing device and I’m excited to have it as a part of my home’s security.

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