The MW50+ ($399) utilizes interchangeable, magnetically attached ear pads in both on-ear and over-ear forms to allow users to optimize their listening depending on their environment

New York City-based premium audio company Master S Dynamic today announced a new way to experience sound: the MW50+ Wireless On-Ear + Over-Ear Headphones. Featuring, for the first time, both on-ear and over-ear ear pads, the MW50+ launches in three core colorways: silver metal/black leather, silver metal/brown leather, and black metal/black leather. The MW50+ will be available for pre-order on May 15th for $399 at

Since its launch in 2014, Master S Dynamic has allowed consumers to choose between on-ear and over-ear headphones. Now the benefits of both form factors can be found in a single product that is designed to be easily optimized by today’s busy urban professional: the MW50+. By gently releasing the luxurious, magnetically attached lambskin and memory foam ear pads, users can switch between the two sets of ear pads, providing seamless versatility with uncompromising acoustic performance. In the on-ear configuration, the MW50+ is a more mobile headphone providing rich and expansive sound on-the-go. Swap to the over-ear for full sound isolation, transformative focus, productivity or relaxation. Tune in or tune out.

“We build sound tools for creative minds, and we understand just how wide-ranging that spectrum can be,” said Jonathan Levine, Founder, and CEO of Master S Dynamic. “From Day One we’ve been obsessed with designing the perfect headphones for the creative community. We understand how these professionals live, work, play, and relax, and wanted to develop a product that could move with them throughout their day. Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which color.”

An integration of the brand’s signature “form meets function” design and the latest technology, the MW50+ features custom 40mm beryllium drivers – a material with superior acoustic qualities – to create a rich, detailed, and expansive sound profile. A patented milled aluminum external antenna provides a connectivity range which is three-times the industry standard, enabling users up to 100 feet away from a mobile phone or another connected device to use the MW50+ without a cable. A 16-hour battery life, the length of a flight from New York City to Hong Kong, is further enhanced by both a USB-C port for quick charging and an included heavy-duty woven cable.

Master S Dynamic’s product DNA is also apparent throughout other facets of the MW50+, including its use of premium leathers, stainless steel, aluminum, and discrete, tactile buttons similar to those found in luxury timepieces that allow users to control volume and pause, play or repeat a song. Every detail is considered, including the elegant and convenient ear pad storage case.

The MW50+ Wireless On-Ear + Over-Ear Headphones ($399) are available for pre-order in silver metal/brown leather, silver metal/black leather or black metal/black leather at

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