The updated cables, available for the flagship MH40 Over-Ear and MH30 On-Ear Headphones, grant increased longevity to the timeless products

New York City-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic has long touted the timeless nature of its products, from their high-end leathers to their durable metals. With the launch of the brand’s new Digital Accessories, Master & Dynamic is ensuring that its original iconic offerings live far into the future. Featuring the same heavy-duty woven fabric found on all Master & Dynamic headphone cables, the Digital Accessories feature both a Lightning cable for Apple users and a USB-C cable for Android, providing compatibility for the MH40 Over-Ear and MH30 On-Ear Headphones. The new Digital Accessories cables are available in two colorways – silver and black – for $69 (Lightning cable) and $49 (USB-C) respectively at

Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic’s products are engineered to last, due partly to the perfect combination of luxurious materials including forged aluminum, stainless steel, PVD coating, cowhide, lambskin and more. As mobile device manufacturers have led the shift away from the 3.5mm audio jack, Master & Dynamic is ensuring that listeners can continue to enjoy the headphones they cherish by allowing them to connect to their newest mobile devices.

Along with added connectivity benefits, both Digital Accessories cables feature a built-in Digital-to-Analog-Converter (DAC), adding acoustic benefits for listeners, further enhancing Master & Dynamic’s signature soundstage: a rich, warm sound that perfectly captures the exceptional detail of well-recorded music.

“As the technology around us changes, we’re working to ensure that the Master & Dynamic products you know and love can be a part of your everyday life for decades to come,” said Master & Dynamic’s Founder and CEO Jonathan Levine.

The Digital Accessories are the latest set of Master & Dynamic accessories aimed at customizing and enhancing the brand’s numerous audio products. From the MP1000 Headphone Stand that allows you to elegantly display your headphones at home or in the office, to magnetically-attached ear pads – for replacement or personalization – Master & Dynamic is proud to offer a multitude of options for the creative in all of us.

The cables are now available for purchase for the price of $69 for the Lightning cable and $49 for the USB-C cable.

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