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Several months ago, I reviewed my first set of on-ear headphones – the Libratone Q-Adapt. It was a different experience for me because I’m used to over-the-ear headphones. I was quite taken with the comfort level they provided, but had one small issue with them – they cancel noise a little too well. I would be working in the same room as someone else and they would have to text me to get my attention because I couldn’t hear them say my name. I need some level of noise isolation though because there is so much going on around me that it becomes difficult to concentrate. This is where my introduction to the MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphones from Master & Dynamic is quite helpful.

The MW50s are built with form and function in mind. Master & Dynamic created a beautiful, powerful product that provides its user with a rich, full listening experience. M&D uses premium materials to construct these exclusive headphones. Heavy grain premium cowhide is used on the exterior surface of the headband and ear cups while lambskin is used for the inside of the headband. The main frame is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum. The ear pads are detachable for cleaning or replacement. They are padded with memory foam and covered in the same lambskin used on the interior of the headband.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones REVIEW

The MW50s weigh 8.47 ounces which is a little on the heavy side, but since I’m used to the Q-Adapt headphones (they weigh 7 ounces), I wasn’t uncomfortable wearing them. The MW50 headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX for high-quality audio. Pairing is very easy. The first time you turn on the headphones, they will automatically go into ‘pairing’ mode. You can then visit the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone (or other connected devices) and select “MW50” from the menu. You will hear a tone that indicates a successful pairing and start listening to music or watching videos.

The MW50s are designed to deliver quality sound to users. It has 40 mm drivers with a Beryllium Diaphragm vueaudio.com that I would encourage anyone to read for additional information on the subject. Essentially, Beryllium is an extremely light and stiff element so it does a better job of maintaining structural integrity when used within a diaphragm. The element reduces breakups that are caused when outside forces overpower a diaphragm. In addition to this very important feature of Beryllium, you will also find that sound travels nearly 2.5 times faster through Beryllium than it does through aluminum or titanium. In short, the tougher the element within the diaphragm, the better the sound quality.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones REVIEW

When I opened the box, I was once again impressed with the amount of detail that Master & Dynamic puts into their products. The packaging is impressive and has a lot of weight to it. You can actually remove the headphones from the box and still think that something is inside because of the weight. In addition to the headphones, Master & Dynamic includes a canvas cloth carrying pouch for the headphones and a small leather container that keeps your Micro USB charging cable and aux cables neat and tangle-free. I love this added feature because it just seems to make the headphones experience that much greater.

The MW50s are very comfortable to wear. I’ve used them for hours on end and found that my head doesn’t tire of having them on and my ears don’t get overheated like they do with some over-the-ear headphones. The headband would be my only ‘complaint’, but it’s not even that it’s uncomfortable. There is just a little less padding than my Libratone headphones.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones REVIEW

I love the controls on the MW50s. Some headphones make it a bit of a headache these days to learn how to use touch controls. This is one feature I appreciate about the MW50s – they have tactile buttons and switches. You can reach up to the right ear to play/pause, skip, or control volume of the audio you are listening to, or you can reach up to your left ear and switch the headphones off or send them into pairing mode. Master & Dynamic makes it very, very easy to become accustomed to using these headphones.

The sound quality is outstanding. I didn’t have any issues switching between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. In fact, while I was writing this review, I was listening to music in iTunes on my MBP, I paused it and then switched over to Netflix on my iPhone — seamlessly. While I was watching Netflix, I turned on “Sleepy Hollow” and “Adams Family”. I was very impressed with how well the MW50s handles surround sound and the heavy mixes of the two movies. Both have rich soundtracks with creative music and spectacular sound effects, not to mention complicated voice tracks. I didn’t have any issues with hearing the mixes as they were meant to be. I really enjoy listening to music tracks on the MW50s, too. Songs are clear, even, and have lots of depth.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones REVIEW

The only feature that would make these perfect in my book would be if they included noise canceling. I do appreciate that they don’t have this feature because I can still hear things around me. For example, if someone is trying to get my attention, I can hear them and they don’t scare me when they walk up to me. The on-ear style of the headphones still provides a decent amount of isolation, but not total cancellation.

The MW50 On-Ear Wireless Headphones are a high-quality spectacular way to experience music and movies. They are comfortable, easy to use and are great for any type of user.

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