My favorite new earbuds. 

I struggle a lot with earbuds. Most of the time, they don’t fit me correctly and other times, they just don’t sound right. That said, I have loved my Apple AirPods since the day I started using them. They are now starting to show their age though and I’m faced with finding another set that has the same type of functionality that the AirPods do with the same level of comfort for long-term use. I think I found that with the MW07 True Wireless Earbuds from Master & Dynamic.


The MW07 True Wireless Earphones feature handcrafted acetate and are shipped with a hand-polished stainless steel charging case that holds 3 additional charges. The earphones are built with 10mm Beryllium drivers, proprietary ‘fit wings’, innovative antenna technology, and optical sensors that detect in-ear placement. The MW07 earphones are compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and feature quick pairing technology. The earphones come with five sets of ear tips and two pairs of fit wings for comfortable fit and stability in the ear. 

Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW


  • Dimensions: Earphones 25 x 22.2 x 28.3 mm, Case – 64.6 x 26.8 x 45.1 mm
  • Drivers: 10mm Beryllium 
  • Earphone Charge Time: 1.5 hours of playtime after 45 minutes of charging; full charge after 1.5 hours
  • Battery Life: 3.5 hours
  • Charging Case: 3 additional charges, 14 hours listening time
  • Case Charge Time: 40% charge in 15 minutes, full charge in 40 minutes
  • Microphone Type: MEMS, Omni-directional
  • Connectivity: Between earphones – NFMI
  • Bluetooth: 4.2, aptX
  • Connectivity Distance: 20+ meters
  • Waterproof Level: IPX4 (splash proof)


When I first unboxed the MW07 earphones I was incredibly impressed by the packaging and the stainless steel charging case the earphones are stored in. At first, I thought this was a poor decision because of how much it collects fingerprints, but then I discovered that Master & Dynamic included a soft-cloth pouch to carry the earphones and charging case in. It’s durable on the outside but soft enough on the inside to prevent the case from being scratched when transported in a bag or pocket. 

Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

The earbuds were surprisingly easy to pair. The first time you remove the earbuds from their charging case, they will enter pairing mode. For me, they appeared on my phone’s Bluetooth menu within just a few seconds and I was able to connect to them easily. Once they were paired, I place the earbuds in my ears. The fit wing that Master & Dynamic designed and included on these earbuds really made them more comfortable then I thought was possible. Normally, earbuds will feel like they have been jammed into my ear canal, but the MW07 earphones do not create that same effect for me. 

The sound quality of these earbuds is outstanding. There are terrific highs and lows that register for the user and they make it easy to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music equally. They work well for phone calls, too. When you remove one earbud, the media you are watching/listening to will pause and then automatically start playing when you replace the earbud. One of the features I’m most impressed with is the battery life. Before I started writing this review, I decided to put the charging case with the earbuds inside on charge. When I did, I realized it was the first time I had charged them. They still had plenty of juice left to them – I just wanted to charge them up full. According to the specs, the case will have 100% battery power after 1.5 hours of charging time. I actually found this to be pretty accurate. 

Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW


I’ve used these earphones almost more than my AirPods in the past few months and have loved them. They check off all the major features I want from earbuds and even though they seem on the large side, they are well balanced and provide a really comfortable fit. I can highly recommend these earbuds to anyone looking for a premium set of earphones. 

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