Some serious power in a smaller package.

Many years ago, I played the electric guitar. That along with technology were two of my big passions in life. Unfortunately, I suffered some nerve damage in my left arm that required surgery to repair and as a result, I was unable to articulate my fingers in the correct ways to be able to play the way I used to. That said, my love for the art of music has never wavered. I grew up on the great grunge bands of Seattle and a good guitar riff is hard to beat. A good guitar riff, though, is nothing without the power of a fabulous amplifier behind it. Marshall has been a name synonymous with classic, powerful sound.

From its roots as an amplification company, Marshall has branched out in recent years to offer high-quality headphones and Bluetooth speakers. When I first found out about the Acton Bluetooth speaker, I couldn’t wait to try it out because of its such extreme likeness to the classic style of the Marshall amplifiers. The speaker is in a class of its own and I’m very excited to be able to share my review of the Acton Bluetooth Wireless speaker with you.

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW


Before I get into my experiences, I want to outline some of the fine details of the Acton Bluetooth Speaker. You can connect to the speaker in two different ways — wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 or through a 3.5mm wired input and the speaker has top panel controls including a bass control knob, on/off toggle switch, pair button, source/wake button, treble control knob, and volume control knob. The speaker is powered by a single power cable and has an input voltage of 100-240V. It is quite heavy weighing in at just over 6.5 pounds and it comes in two different colors — black and cream.


  • Power Amplifiers: One (1) 30 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer, Two (2) 10 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters
  • Tweeters: 2 x 3/4″ Dome tweeters
  • Woofer: One (1) 4″ Mid-woofer
  • Cabinet Principle: Bass-reflux
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 103 dB @ 1 m
  • Frequency Range: 50 – 20,000 Hz
  • Adjustable Bass and Treble Controls
  • Stereo sound

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

User Experience

The Acton speaker ships in a classic Marshall branded box. It comes packaged with a double-ended coil cord with 3.5mm stereo plugs, legal and safety information, a power cord, and a quick start guide. The box has some basic details on it and out of the box, it’s ready to use. All you have to do is plug it into power and pair it to your phone (or another Bluetooth device). Then, you can start playing audio as you wish. The first time you turn the speaker on, it should automatically go into pairing mode. If it does not, you can press the pairing button. I ended up having to press the pairing button to have the speaker show up on my phone’s Bluetooth device list. After I did, I had a strong steady connection to the speaker from my phone. Any other time I connected to the speaker, I didn’t have to repair the phone to the speaker. It didn’t reconnect automatically thought. I had to manually tell the phone to connect to the speaker.

The design of the speaker is impeccable. It looks just a like an amplifier and has Marshall’s classic look. I love that it has analog controls and that the knobs look just like the knobs on an amp. I was in awe of the speaker when I took it out of the box and its classy design took me back to the days when I was selecting support equipment for my guitar. As I mentioned above, there are two color choices. I have the black version, which looks amazing. I would assume that the beige version is also astonishing with its looks as well.

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Even though the speaker is technically ‘portable’ it’s not really that easy to move around. It looks good as a part of an office or living room setup and you can easily move it between rooms but as far as packing it around for entertainment purposes, it’s a little cumbersome. The sound is incredible. I’m hard of hearing and I didn’t have any issues listening to music or other audio. It all sounded crystal clear and full of bass.


The Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker is an amazing feat of sound engineering. The device has a unique, classy design and it works famously. Aside from the price (between $200-250), the speaker would be my first choice for a home entertainment sound system.

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