Sometimes while out and about I might find the need to write something for my blog, during these times if I can’t find a wi-fi hotspot around I’m forced to use textedit, most of these writings in textedit have never or most likely will never end up on my blog. Today I’ve ran into MarsEdit, a blogging software that will allow you to write your post, add tags, title, it will even allow you to drop it into your categories, making it easy to publish my post with no hassle once I find internet again. I’m writing this post with MarsEdit and you can find this software at this link.

I’m not saying all my posts will written using MarsEdit, although if you’re looking for a great piece of software that will allow you to have the same easy to use feeling as Apples Mail program, then MarsEdit is for you. Adding images to your posts is as easy as just dragging them from your desktop.

MarsEdit does cost $39.95 or if your upgrading from a earlier version it’s just $14.95 If you write for multiple website or just write for your own blogging needs MarsEdit should definitely be something to check into.