A tripod dedicated for video content developers.

It can be hard to find a tripod that fits all your basic needs. As a content developer, you probably want one that is lightweight, but also sturdy enough to handle larger camera rigs. This search becomes infinity harder when you narrow down your options to ones that are designed specifically for video production. A solid choice for these types of content developers is the Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head (MKV500190XV). 

Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW


The MKV500190XV is a unique video system that is comprised of the 190X video aluminum tripod and the MVH500AH fluid video head. The video head is a flat base for versatility of use with various video accessories like a slide or a jib. The head has fluid cartridges on both the pan and tilt axes so that every camera movement is smooth. The head can support up to 5kg of equipment and it has a 3/8” Easy Link connector for accessories. The tripod features a leveling column and adjustable legs that include Quick Power Lock levers. 

Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW


  • Weight: 112.86 oz
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Safety Payload Weight: 11.02 lbs
  • Min Height: 19.8 in
  • Maximum Height: 68.23 in
  • Head Type: Video/Fluid Head
  • Leg Sections : 3
  • Quick Release: Yes
  • Counterbalance Weight: 5.29 lbs
  • Closed Length: 28.43 in
  • Ball Flat: Flat
  • Accessory Compatibility: 500HLV
  • Top Attachment: 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw
  • Base Diameter: 2.36 in
  • Bubble Spirit Level (No.): 1
  • Certifications: None
  • Color: Black
  • Easy Link: Yes
  • Front Tilt: -70° / +90°
  • Leg Type: Single
  • Leg Angles: 25°,46°,66°,88°
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
  • Maximum Height (with Center Column Down): 58.78 in
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60
  • Minimum Working Temperature: -20
  • Pan Bar Included: Yes
  • Pan Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360
  • Plate Type: 500PLONG
  • Tilt Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Upper Disc Diameter: 2.36 in
Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW


When the tripod arrived, I was giddy with excitement. I have loved using the Befree Live Video Travel Tripod also from Manfrotto, but have found myself wanting something a little more substantial for my photography and videography. Even though this tripod is specifically designed to use while capturing video, I found it quite useful for photography, too — especially when using larger lenses. There was no assembly required and the MKV500190XV was ready to go right out of the box. The head was already attached and after pulling off a bit of plastic wrap from the unit, I slapped my camera on and started shooting. One of my favorite features of this tripod/fluid head combo is the leveling column. It gives you the ability to tilt and level your shots. The featured image of this article shows the leveling column in use. Without it, the shot I took of the courthouse in the distance wouldn’t be possible. Using the leveling column alongside the bubble levels makes it very easy to make sure your shot is perfect the first time you take it.

Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW

Even though the crown jewel of this set is the fluid head, I want to talk a little about the tripod itself first. The 190X Aluminum 3-Section Camera Tripod is available to purchase without the video head. It is designed for a fast set-up and had four leg angles to choose from. The legs extend and adjust with little effort and the Quick Power Lock levers make it possible to secure the tripod at whatever level you desire. As I was using the tripod, I never had any issues with locking or unlocking the legs. I will usually carry my camera using a sling strap across my shoulder. There were a couple of instances where I would carry the tripod in one hand while managing the camera with the other as I hiked out to a shooting location. With the camera on the sling strap, I was able to quickly and easily set the tripod up without any problems. 

Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW

As enamored with the tripod as I was, I have to admit that I was truly impressed with the video head. The 500 Fluid Head with Flat Base is now my standard as far as video heads go. I love the flat base feature as it’s come in handy more than once since I’ve been working with the tripod set. Even though the head can handle up to 5kg of equipment, it has a pre-set counterbalance of 2.4kg (5.29lbs) on the tilt movement. My main camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV and its body is only 1.9lbs. I like to switch between lenses, but the largest of the ones I use is a Tamron 70-200mm. That lens weighs approximately 3.2lbs. The combined weight of the camera body and lenses I use hasn’t been more than the pre-set counterbalance so I’ve not had to adjust that on the fluid head. I really appreciate the inclusion of the sliding plate and the 3/8” easy link connector. The head has been very easy to use and all its movements have been smooth and steady. 

Manfrotto 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head REVIEW


The 190X Aluminum Tripod with 500 Fluid Video Head is an amzing dynamic duo and one that I find easy to recommend. It has Manfrotto’s careful craftsmanship behind the superior design of the fluid head/tripod combo so it is guaranteed to stand up to other tripods that cost much more than the MKV500190XV. If you are looking for a tripod for video work, invest in this one by Manfrotto.

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