TIS Makes Home Automation Easier

When TIS founder Turath Mazloum was a child, he found the benefit of a well-run, energy-efficient household thanks to his father. Of course, at that time, the energy efficient house meant that parents were stalking their kids to turn off lights as kids would leave the room. It was this type of behavior that inspired Mazloum to create TIS Automation to a line of home automation products to cover all the needs of consumers. 

TIS believes that home automation should help you to manage your home anytime – anywhere. And, while you are away, the home will take care to save your energy and only alert you in emergency situations. Additionally, all devices should be ‘smart’ and communicate with each other — not just a main brain that controls everything. That is the main problem of IoT devices — the devices can’t control each other. TIS’s wired and WiFi system of devices work in the same platform and can communication and work in harmony. 

  • AIR Energy servant 
  • Luna TFT Panel
  • Health Sensor 
  • AIR IR Emitter
  • Weather station
  • TIS Technology (Wired and Wireless systems)

TIS Technology is designed to work together to form a cohesive smart home system. The Energy Servant system works to take care of careless behaviors that will remedy the energy lost from those behaviors. It is designed to save energy with features like:

  • Automatic air-conditioning control that detects windows or doors left open to save the energy
  • AC and Lights Control dependent on room occupancy detection – if movement is not detected over some time, lighting will be switched off while AC can alter its room temperature to save more energy
  • Lighting will turn off if there’s enough of ambient light
  • Temperature Monitoring keeps your home healthy while saving energy.
  • Full curtain and shutter control in cold or hot days
  • Remote app control on all functions another part of energy saving if you forgot anything on and directly you want to turn it off
  • Custom SMS alerts as if you forgot your window open for a long time
  • Geo-Fencing technology, allowing you to automate actions depending on your location

TIS hopes that all home automation companies and installers can be apart of Energy efficiency and they want to design real home automation that makes the Earth greener. 

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