Mailbox helps with inbox productivity.

mailbox-5I end up checking my email most on my iPhone. It’s with me nearly all of the time and it enables me to keep up rather than catch up with my inbox. The app I use for my email management is the default Mail by Apple. I have several accounts linked to it including my personal Gmail account. In looking for ways to increase productivity with mail management, I stumbled across Mailbox by Dropbox.

Mailbox was originally released in late 2012, but has received a substantial update at the end of April this year and is currently running on version 2.0.2. Mailbox is available for iOS and Android devices. It’s free to download and you can receive an additional 1GB of Dropbox storage when you link your accounts.

mailbox-3Some of the features that are unique to Mailbox include Snooze, Lists and Auto-swipe. After a few days of testing Mailbox, I think that my favorite feature is Snooze. With Snooze, you can choose to review messages Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, Someday or Pick a Date. This is something that I really enjoy because sometimes I receive a message that I don’t want to file or delete, but I don’t want it clogging up my inbox. Snooze allows you to pause the email conversation until you can properly attend to it. That’s a big plus for productivity.

Mailbox is a learning app. The Auto-swipe function learns your sorting habits and eventually starts filing for you. Because I’ve only been testing it for a few days, I’ve not experienced the feature, but I do enjoy the functionality of Mailbox by its utilization of swipe gestures. Right from the inbox view, you can filter the messages to Archive, Snooze, Lists or Trash. It saves quite a bit of time and is great for inbox management.

mailbox-2When I first began testing the app, I did find one drawback – there is no way to go back into your previous email history. For example, I had filed a group of messages that had to deal with a job I was working on, but I couldn’t view them from Mailbox. For this reason, I don’t believe Mailbox can replace Mail or other third-party apps that do have that functionality. Mailbox’s filtering system does create a system of folders within your email. I noticed that there is a system of folders labeled ‘Mailbox’ in my Gmail account now. These were automatically generated.

I do enjoy Mailbox’s functionality for inbox management. It has a very clean look with easy to read text and quick functional features that help you be more productive.

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