Mail Designer Pro offers a great solution for email development.

If you work within a Corporate Communications department for a company of any size, you will know the pain of trying to communicate with large groups of people. Most people rely on straight emails from their regular system (like Outlook), but some turn to platforms like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. The great thing about those systems is that you can send out multiple emails without worrying about formatting being lost or your email system getting bogged down with those larger emails that inevitably get constructed. The real hassle happens when you are trying to design something custom for your organization and those systems just don’t facilitate non-templates very well. Sure, they will allow you to enter HTML code, but how do you generate that without having to go to an HTML developer? Software developer, equinux knows this problem and that’s why they created Mail Designer Pro.

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW Create and send custom email designs

I actually reviewed this piece of software a couple of years ago but wanted to take another look at it since it’s received a major update recently to version 3.2. Plus, my perspective on creating emails has changed a bit, so I thought sharing my thoughts on this awesome piece of software might help others looking for an email designing solution.

First of all, the update to 3.2 included:

  • Touch Bar Support for the NEW 2016 MacBook Pros
  • There are NEW iPhone 7 and 7 Plus device previews available
  • Tab-support to switch back and forth between newsletters in macOS Sierra
  • Improved color management when working with animated GIFs
  • Improved support for mobile-optimized newsletters in Gmail for iOS

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW

All of these improvements make for a very robust email designing client. As a part of my job, I’m charged with completing the distribution of a quarterly newsletter for my client. This goes out to their entire employee base (approximately 2,000 people) and it includes some very important information from their senior leaders. Over the past two years, we’ve struggled with delivering the newsletter they want because they want to send out the newsletter through Outlook. This means that we have to design the email with many restrictions in place because the formatted email will break if one part of it is out of place. This is where Mail Designer Pro comes in handy. It gives us the freedom to create the email they want – rich with colors, images, and even animations – without reinventing the wheel.

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW Create and send custom email designs

My favorite feature of Mail Designer Pro is the ‘export as HTML’ function. This option saves out all the files for the email into a succinct location on your computer. Then, you can import the HTML code into virtually any email client. As a test, I took a recent email newsletter that we build from scratch (for distribution as an Outlook email) and rebuilt part of it in Mail Designer Pro. I wanted to see how easy it would be to pull the message together without the aid of a developer/coder by my side. Since I had all the graphics pre-built and the content already written, I was able to pull together about half of it within 30 minutes. Prior to using Mail Designer Pro, our email designer was spending the majority of an 8-hour day creating the HTML email.

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW Create and send custom email designs

One of the biggest issues we have with sending out emails is consistency across platforms. Mail Designer Pro really takes the guess work out of designing for both desktop and mobile platforms. I LOVE that you have the option of seeing exactly what will be shown on a mobile device before sending it. I had tested out a simple mail designing (drag & drop) system prior to Mail Designer Pro just to see how much time it would save me. After the email was built, I sent a preview and saw that one of the spots I had didn’t line up correctly on my iPhone. I don’t have that issue with Mail Designer Pro.

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW

I have not been able to test out some of the finer points of Mail Designer Pro 3.2 (i.e. the Touch Bar integration) because I am still working off of a Mid-2014 MBP model. That being said, I love the options that the developers at equinux included for MBP users. They included:

  • Mail Designer Pro 3.2 Mac App REVIEW Create and send custom email designsText, style, formatting, and layout controls
  • Background adjustments including color, tint, and zoom
  • the ability to switch between desktop & mobile views
  • Touch Bar customization

I feel with these options, the developer really is trying to make the most our of the newest iteration of Mac notebooks.

Mail Designer Pro 3.2 is a great update and a great app for anyone needing to make custom emails or newsletters. It’s easy to use and actually quite enjoyable to create with.

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