Mail Designer Pro 2 makes it easy to send stunning HTML emails without coding.

Many years ago I was changed with the task of creating HTML emails for an organization. It was a daunting task, but very rewarding as it allowed me to hone my skills as an HTML designer. Fortunately, there are design programs that will assist with the heavy lifting and coding of newsletters. One such program is Mail Designer Pro 2.

MailDesigner1Mail Designer Pro 2 from equinux allows you to create stunning, responsive email newsletters. Mail Designer Pro’s developers realized one major thing about how we as a society read and interact with our email – the majority of emails are read on mobile devices. So, when creating the latest release of Mail Designer Pro, they made sure to include optimization for desktop and mobile devices alike. In fact, it’s the first app that let’s users create responsive newsletters for both platforms with no HTML coding required.

Mail Designer Pro 2 has also been designed to work specifically with Mac OS X Yosemite. Version 2 has a stunning new UI and the app makes use of the translucency and other UI elements from Yosemite to bring content to the fore front.

Mail Designer Pro 2 features include:

  • Design for the latest iPhone models
  • Optimization for Retina displays
  • 500+ web-fonts for mail pieces
  • Buttons and badges without Photoshop
  • Preflight-checking
Graphics included with the app.

Graphics included with the app.

Not only does Mail Designer Pro 2 make beautiful emails, but it also supports HTML 5 videos, YouTube video insertion and animated GIFs. It also works with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Plus, you can export any layout to a website or send directly from your email account.

This is not my first experience with a Mail Designer program. Back in July, I took a look at Mail Designer 2 also from equinux. I was equally impressed by its functionality, however, I find that Mail Designer Pro 2 simply has more tools and more options for professional-grade email designers to use. Creating a layout for a highly-designed, information email newsletter has never been easier.

Mail Designer Pro 2 is very easy to use. It has a familiar layout that any graphic designer will understand. I love that it has so much depth and includes features like measurement guides and allows you to create callouts and buttons. Within a few minutes, it’s easy to have a newsletter ready to send. Because of its depth, I will only be able to scratch the surface within this review.

MailDesigner2One of my favorite things about Mail Designer Pro 2 is that the developer definitely began with the end in mind. They knew that the majority of people will read their email on their mobile device – more than likely their phone – so they made sure to include a responsive layout in the code. When you send an email, you can rest assured that it will look proper on either a desktop or mobile platform. I also really appreciate that users are provided with a live preview that toggles between mobile and desktop platforms.

Mail Designer Pro 2 is well worth the purchase price as it takes a fairly complicated process and turned it into a simple exercise. Mail Designer Pro 2 retails for $99.99, but is currently on sale for their launch and can be downloaded for $49.99.

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