Magnet Window Manager Mac App helps you to compare files side by side.

I couldn’t even imagine how significantly a tiny 0.5 MB app could boost my productivity. Magnet is a window manager for Mac. It declutters screen by snapping windows into organized tiles.

You have surely seen this pic before:

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

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These days workspaces seem to be quite well organised — less piles of paper, pens, books, steaplers, pins and so on. But you know what a mess can be sometimes found on your Mac. And you surely know that decluterring your workspace declutters your mind — organising open windows with Magnet can instantly boost your productivity.

Magnet key features:

  • Left/Right/Top/Bottom halves and fullscreen & all four quarters of the screen supported
  • Activated by dragging, customizable keyboard shortcuts or via Menu bar
  • Up to six external displays supported

That is the layouts you can choose from — fullscreen, halves, quarters and up to six external displays are supported. The potential combinations are multiple — you can naturally choose the best fit.

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

Magnet makes it a breeze to copy content from one app to another, compare files side by side or multitask in any other way.Having multiple windows aligned neatly side by side eliminates switching between the apps and allows you to have all the information at hand.

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

You can switch to any position, for example, to the edge-to-edge fullscreen mode with a predefined shortcut. You can also create custom shortcuts that are handy for you.

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

After a couple of days using Magnet you’ll come across more and more use cases for the app. You’ll feel how it helps you to get more done, to focus, and open up space emotionally and imaginatively. These feelings make the usage of Magnet quite addictive.

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

I find Magnet especially helpful when working with texts or doing  some kind of research.

Magnet Window Manager Mac App REVIEW

Magnet runs on all OS X versions since 10.8 Mountain Lion and is optimised for OS X 10.11 El Capitan, including Dark Mode support. The app boasts a 5-stars raring on the App Store (that is the highest appraisal of the app and the dream for every app publisher). You can get it now for just $0.99 (80% discount).

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