MagicMount Pro is a quality mount with a strong hold to both dashboards or to the windshield.

I know I cannot be alone when I say that our smart phones are integral to our lives.  Whether you are in the bathroom, working, relaxing or cruising our phones are with us.  Personally, I have historically been guilty of driving distracted.  Not anymore, however.  As a driver, I have seen other people applying makeup, eating, texting, playing Pokemon Go.  Distracted driving is dangerous.  The CDC states that at “55mph, the average text takes your eyes off the road long enough to cover a football field.” This is a leading cause of injury and death in the USA with 8 deaths and 1161 injuries daily. Truthfully, our phones are amazing pieces of technology.  I still listen to audible through my car stereo, and I use Handsfree calling.  Unfortunately, I still need to be available via phone for my job and there are times that I use the Map navigation.  So far, I have not liked the vent clip phone holders as they often are too heavy and cause the vent to pull downwards.  MagicMount Pro provides a wonderful, secure option for your phone through dash or window mounting.

The product arrives in a very professional package.  On the cover, you see the title and a diagram of the device. This provides a clear image of the MagicMount system and what to expect. Turning the packaging clockwise, side one has the title of the device “MAGICMOUNT Pro” Window Dash. Rotate the package again (back of the packaging) and you have a detailed explanation of the included accessories.  The product is listed as containing powerful earth magnets to securely hold your device.   There are 2 included trims, silver, and black.  I like the black, the silver seems out of place.  The mount has a 360-degree swivel allowing for customized positioning.  Lastly, it has a stick grip, which promises a tight hold on dashboard or window.  I did not believe that this would hold on my ribbed Chevy Silverado dashboard, but I was severely mistaken.  The hold, improved with wet suction/sticky cup felt as if it were glued to my dashboard and to the window.

MAGICMOUNT PRO Magnetic Mobile Device Mount REVIEW

The final side of the packaging is open clear plastic, providing a window for clear visualization of the MagicMount.  This form of packaging is my favorite, showcasing the product in a natural state.  No diagram, no image can truly show the quality of the product as much as the open window.  Returning to the front of the package, there is a “try me” flap.  Personally, I am drawn to these “TRY ME!” logos on packaging.  I cannot help but try the item.  It is like “Do not Touch” on wet paint.  This is hard to open and feels like it is stuck with glue.  However, when you open the package, you notice that it is secured with magnets.  This is an ingenious packaging system. The 2 included magic plates provide the closure mechanism and also show the strength of the connection.

On the inside flap of the front cover, you will find the instructions.  The magic plates have 3M tape, allowing you to apply the magnet to your phone, GPS, camera, etc. You can apply it to the device itself or to the inside of a silicone or plastic cover.  There is a small and a large magic plate included (1 1/4″ X 1 1/16″ and 2 5/8″ X 1 11/16″).  I appreciate the inclusion of the two plates.  You can choose to place a small square on your device or the large square.  You can then place the other onto another device.  Once you have the magic plate installed onto the device, simply attach the MagicMount to any dashboard (yes the packaging says any), to a window or desk.  You can then easily mount your device.  The magnet is incredibly strong and will hold just about any device you attach to the MagicMount.

MAGICMOUNT PRO Magnetic Mobile Device Mount REVIEW

I really like this mounting system, as you can easily access your device if needed.  There is no plastic cradle to tangle the charging cables.  This will hold securely with bumps and road vibration.  This really does make for improved smart device accessibility, drastically improving the center console resting place.  I had no issues attaching the mount to my dash or to my window.  I am not a huge fan of attaching anything to my phone, but I really like that I can attach this to the case and still utilize the system.  I would definitely buy this device again and I would recommend it to friends and family members. I rate the device 5/5 stars.  Use this device to help you drive more safely.  Remember to avoid distracted driving.

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