Magican for Mac helps speed up your computer.

Periodic system maintenance is essential for effective machine performance and extending your machine’s life. Apple computers include many maintenance options as a part of its system settings, but someone who doesn’t use them on a regular basis, or ever, may not know where to find them. For these users, there is Magican.

Magican is an all-in-one system maintenance tool. It includes a virus scanner, memory cleaner, security center, options to optimize your machine, a stat monitor, a software center, toolbox and a hardware center. The goal of the app is to speed up your Mac by clearing away duplicate files, caches and in general, unwanted files. With its most recent update on July 22, 2013, Firewall maintenance has also been added to the app. It is free from developer, Magican Software, LLC.

Magican is quite a remarkable application. I was highly impressed by the user-friendly interface as well as the overall design of the app. It’s clean and with the side menu bar, it’s very easy to navigate through all the different options Magican has to offer. Each one of Magican’s features play a role in complete system maintenance and the side menu bar allows you to browse through each feature’s settings.

magician-01When a user opens the app, you are met with the home screen. The home screen gives you the immediate option of scanning your computer. This quick scan feature cleans up unneeded junk files and kills Trojan files. Moving further into the app’s features is the Cleaner menu. Within the Cleaner menu, you can review the files detected by the quick scan and determine the best course of action against them. The Cleaner menu also includes a Duplicate file browser, which can help the user in organizing their files.

In my opinion, the Cleaner feature is the primary reason to download this app. It helps speed up your system performance and keep your Mac running smoothly. However, there are a couple of additional features I would like to highlight. First, I want to point out that this app has a very well-designed system stats feature. It shows graphs and charts that indicate how your system is performing. Battery, hard drive space, activity, network and even fan speed control are included in this monitor. This feature is probably my favorite part of the app because I can monitor the entire system at one time.

While the app is a desktop driven piece of software, it also includes a menu bar utility and a widget that allows for quick scans without opening the main app window.

magician 2Under the Software feature, Magican offers software recommendations from the Mac App Store. This feature was something unique and unexpected. The nice thing about this feature is that it shows recommendations categorized by whether it’s discounted or free in the Mac App Store. It’s important to note that while this feature is helpful, it’s not always correct. I was looking at Super Video Converter, which is listed as $15.99 retail marked down to FREE in the recommendations feature, but when I looked it up in the Mac App Store, it is listed as $25.99. Since you have to download the apps from the App Store, you are shown the correct price before download, but I wanted to note this issue. Either way, it’s a good quick glance tool for recommended apps.

I recommend this app for all users. It’s a great tool to assist you with regular system maintenance.

Download Magican for Mac here.

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