Last night I was so excited to get my hands on Apple’s Magic Trackpad. After having the night to play with it I’m not sure if I’m so excited to spend the $74.88 after tax on this Apple device. I have been called an Apple fanboy before and it does hold true, I love Apple and their products. Even the Magic Trackpad is nice, clean, and works very well. My problem with the trackpad is that while using it my wrist tires out hovering over it, also that its not as nice to work with something like Adobe Photoshop. I found it to be a real pain for me to do detailed things in photoshop last night. Seems like what would have taken me no time to do using my magic mouse took me for ever using the magic trackpad. If you’re looking for something to use while sitting on the couch then this will work nicely, it can also be used in a presentation sense. The device dose not need to be on a desk it can be operated in your hand. Is this a fail in my eyes for Apple? Not at all. Is it a full mouse replacement? No. Apple has designed a slick looking, well working product that I recommend. I believe it will take some getting used to.
Below is a link to software that will need to be installed to use your Magic Trackpad. A quick video overview is also provided about the magic trackpad.

If you own a Trackpad or are just not sure on this Apple device leave your comments below on your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.