Efficient, portable power bank comes in handy at a moment’s notice. 

One of my favorite charging devices is by technology company MyCharge. They make outstanding products and I’ve always been able to rely on their power banks. So, as I begin to use MagSafe chargers more and more, I thought I would check out their new Mag-Lock 6000mAh power bank. 


The Mag-Lock is a magnetic, wireless power bank that features the strongest magnetic grip of any magnetic charger. It has a premium hard-shell protective finish that is scratch, stain, and fade resistant and it makes an audible chime when it begins charging. The power bank begins charging automatically when it’s connected to a MagSafe compatible phone. The battery also has the smallest footprint of any magnetic charger per 1000mAh charger. The power bank has a raised-coil design that reduces heat build-up. The Mag-Lock is designed to work with Apple MagSafe certified iPhone cases. There are multiple capacities including a 3000mAh and 9000mAh as well as the 6000mAh version I have. There are several color choices, too (graphite, purple, pacific blue, white, and red).

Mag-Lock power bank


 The Mag-Lock is an impressive power bank. I have the graphite coloration and it looks really slick. While the battery isn’t the smallest power bank I’ve ever used, it is very compact and since it had a super-strong magnet in it, I am willing to accept the size of it. I love that the power bank automatically starts charging when a phone is connected to it. I didn’t have any issues with the battery connecting with or staying magnetized to the phone. I was really impressed with its functionality. I was also happy to see the MagSafe image appear when charging of the iPhone 12 Pro began. I do want to note that I have the Leather iPhone Case with MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Pro and the Mag-Lock didn’t have any issues connecting through it.

Mag-Lock power bank

In order to test the charging capabilities of the Mag-Lock, I connected the phone to the charging surface and then let it charge for 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes, I made notes about how much the battery had charged at that point. I was charging an iPhone 12 Pro. When I started charging, the iPhone was at 6% and after the 30 minutes had elapsed, the battery had gained 20%. That ended up as a 0.66% per minute charging rate. That was an impressive wireless charging rate to me. 


The Mag-Lock is a very easy-to-use battery. There are no complicated controls on it and it charges connected devices efficiently. There is one thing I would have liked to see on the charger – an LED charge indicator. There is an LED light on the battery, but it doesn’t seem to provide an idea of how much battery is left for charging. Many power banks I’ve worked with have a 4-LED indicator so that you know how much charge is available. This LED does change colors depending on the battery level, but that can be hard to read. One thing I would like to point out is that the MagLock works with the iPhone 13 and is not bothered by the camera bump.

Mag-Lock power bank

Aside from that, the power bank is easy to transport and comes in quite handy at a moment’s notice. I had an occasion where I was going to be sitting at a hospital for a period of time so I wanted to have portable power for my phone, but I didn’t want to have cables dangling everywhere or take the chance the battery could be left behind. The Mag-Lock was perfect for that situation. 

The Mag-Lock is a great power bank for iPhone users and I can recommend it to others. 

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