MadCatz C.T.R.L. MFi Mobile Gamepad makes mobile games more enjoyable on iOS devices.

I’m not a huge gamer. I enjoying playing video games and definitely love the evolution the entertainment genre is currently experiencing, but I’ve not really been involved with it as a player. When games started migrating en masse to mobile devices, I really started tuning out because I’m one of those people that needs a controller. Some games just don’t feel right unless you have a D-pad within your grasp. That’s why I’m glad that MadCatz created a controller just for this purpose.

Mad Catz® C.T.R.L.i MFi Mobile Gamepad Review

The Mad Catz® C.T.R.L. MFi Mobile Gamepad is made for use with the iOS devices and the Apple TV. It connects through Bluetooth to your devices and provides a console-caliber experience for mobile devices. There are two version of the C.T.R.L for use with Apple – the standard size and the Micro version. The only difference in the two controllers is the size. The Micro is perfect for smaller hands and devices. Both controller come equipped with an adjustable Smartphone clip so that you can have your phone attached directly to the controller. This is great for traveling. Because the C.T.R.L. mobile gamepad is Bluetooth compatible, you can also use it when your phone or iPad is connected to a bigger screen, like your television.

Mad Catz® C.T.R.L.i MFi Mobile Gamepad Review

The controller itself has a very strong Xbox feel to it. There are two joysticks, a D-Pad, the standard XYAB button configuration, a pause/menu button, RL bumper buttons, and RL triggers. There is also a power switch and a Bluetooth connection button. When I first connected the controller to my iPhone 6, I found that there was a small delay in it being recognized. But, I didn’t have any issues with losing a connection once it was connected and games played flawlessly.

Both versions are very lightweight and are powered by two AAA batteries. To be honest, I would have rather seen these be rechargeable controllers, or come with a battery pack, but they are delivered to the consumer without batteries.

Mad Catz® C.T.R.L.i MFi Mobile Gamepad Review

There is a free app that accompanies the C.T.R.L. gamepad. This app shows you your battery level and firmware version. The app also offers the user a list of featured C.T.R.L.i-compatible games and apps. I found the app to be quite helpful because I really don’t like spending time (and hard drive space) downloading a game that won’t work with Bluetooth devices.

So, the big question now is, how did games play?

For initial testing, I tried out two very different games – Crossy Road and Lego Star Wars. Crossy Road is actually a functional game without a controller, but it’s so much easier with it. Using the D-Pad mostly, you direct your little chicken character across roads and out of harms way. The controller worked famously and I do feel like the experience was enhanced by the C.T.R.L.

Mad Catz® C.T.R.L.i MFi Mobile Gamepad Review

The second game I tested was Lego Star Wars. This was actually a game that I had a lot of experience with. When I bought my first Xbox, it was because I wanted to play Lego Star Wars. I spent hours mastering the levels and conquering the game. And even when I finished it, I went back for more. The iOS version is a very nice replica of the original. That being said, I was disappointed in the game because it just doesn’t work well without a controller. I was very happy to find that it was one of the listed games in the C.T.R.L. app. I opened the game and with my phone perched atop the C.T.R.L. gamepad, I played through  few levels. The experience was almost identical to playing on the Xbox. Controls were very smooth the connection between my iPhone and controller never faltered.

Mad Catz® C.T.R.L.i MFi Mobile Gamepad Review

I found my gaming experience to be greatly improved on my mobile devices and am very excited to enjoy more games with the C.T.R.L. gamepad. It’s a great device all around.

BUY FROM AMAZON – MadCatz C.T.R.L. MFi Mobile Gamepad (Micro)

BUY FROM AMAZON – MadCatz C.T.R.L. MFi Mobile Gamepad

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