Convert, compress, edit & download 4K videos at the fastest possible speeds.

Since 4K televisions became more common in 2014 more and more videos have been shot in 4K natively. This higher resolution has become more popular in the past few years and with that, more people are converting 4K videos into more manageable formats for use on devices like iPhones. Native 4K video takes up too much space on mobile devices and hard drives and many 4K videos are not even compatible with video editors due to format conflicts. The only options for this type of problem are to compress video sizes & video formats, edit the video clips down or adjust video parameters accordingly. This can be a very time-consuming job as many converters do not function the way that MacX Video Converter Pro 6.3 does.

MacX Video Converter Pro 6.3 Mac App REVIEW


MacX Video Converter Pro 6.3 is rated as the No. 1 fastest 4K video processing tool to convert 4K videos, compress video size, edit video and download YouTube videos on Mac. It’s also the first and only program that applies level-3 hardware acceleration technology. It can smoothly convert 4K videos to HD, convert video to H.265/HEVC to reduce the file size up to 50%, and provides lossless video quality after compression.


  • Process 4K, HD Videos at the Fastest Speed
    • Compress large-sized 4K videos to 1080P, 720P, H.265/HEVC to save storage space
    • Convert 4K, HD videos recorded by iPhone, Camera, GoPro to MP4, MOV and 200+ formats to compatible with all video editors and players.
    • Convert 4K HD videos to make them compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, etc.
    • Adjusting video frame rate, bit rate, codec and more parameters
    • Edit 4K videos, trim, merge, crop, add watermark and subtitle
    • Fastest video processing speed supported by unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech (Hardware Encoding, Hardware Decoding & Hardware processing).
    • Lossless output video quality ensured by a high-quality engine and Deinterlacing tech.
  • Download 4K, HD videos from YouTube and 300+ sites
  • Record Mac screen and shot videos with Mac’s built-in camera

Compatible with MacOS X: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra.

MacX Video Converter Pro 6.3 Mac App REVIEW

User Experience

Using MacX Video Converter Pro is very easy to use. There is no set-up to complete when you start up the app. You simply drag media files that you want to convert into the dashboard and then you select the output profile you want to use. MacX Video Converter has many different profiles preset, but you can also customize the settings to suit your video needs. Once you make your selection about output, you click on ‘Run’ and then wait for the file to finish. To test it out, I converted a 2-hour and 25-minute long movie file to MP4. The file took approximately 10 minutes to convert. Max Video Converter Pro adopts high-quality deinterlacing technology and auto copy mode to ensure the original output video quality is maintained.

MacX Video Converter Pro HandBrake for Mac
Level-3 Hardware Acceleration enabled disabled doesn’t support
Time 4mins, 5 secs 20mins 33mins, 5secs
Avg fps 150 56 18
Result 5X faster 5X slower 8X slower
Output Video Quality lossless lossless slightly blurry
Input: 4K MKV (AVC Codec), 22m33s, 2.5GB, 3840*2160 recorded by iPhone
Output: MP4 (H.264 Codec)
*information provided by MacXDVD


I’ve used quite a few different video converter apps and MacX Video Converter is definitely one of the easiest. With it, you can convert videos quickly and efficiently. MacX Video Converter Pro has ultra-fast processing speeds and provides lossless video quality. There are some additional resources listed below for further education on video conversion and use of the software and MacX actually offers a free trial of the software, too. I can recommend this application because it’s proven to be a stable option for converting videos.


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