A day to celebrate

In August of 2012, MacSources was launched. Since that time, the site has expanded and the writers wanted to take the time to thank our readers and celebrate MacSource’s birthday in their own special way. Thank you all for sharing your lives with us and enjoy! 

Jon Walters

On this date, August 20, 2018, one of my favorite groups celebrates its sixth birthday. Starting simply as a personal hobby in the fall of 2015, I did not understand how large of a presence MacSources would become for me. Initially, I joined the team to learn about technology, to play a part in the tech review world and to enjoy some time with my friends Nick Calderone and Robyn Oglesby. These aspirations proved to be juvenile, minimalistic, and were quickly overshadowed. I never expected to gain such a breadth of knowledge, to open up my eyes to new/upcoming tech, to expand relationships, nor did I expect such growth in my interview/writing skills. 

Day by day, month by month, MacSources has become so much more than a tech review website to me. Instead of growing friendships, I feel like I have a bigger family. I love that our goal has been to provide honest opinions about devices that we have actually used/tested. Throughout the experience, we have reviewed some truly exceptional devices and others that definitely needed further R&D. Perhaps my favorite aspect about MacSources has been our avoidance of rumor and gossip. I can state with confidence that we do not simply regurgitate the same website/advertisement information that litters the internet. Unique, original, personal opinions are the types of reviews I look for and I am proud of the work that MacSources publishes. 

Through our journey, Nick and I have had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for three Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). I was honored and humbled to be able to represent the group and to serve as one of the faces of MacSources. As a young adult, I read numerous reviews, watched numerous interviews and wished that I could experience the event. I did not expect to have the ear of PR representatives, app designers, sales personnel, and ultimately company CEO’s. I like to think that I am part of something bigger and something that continues to gain momentum. I wish MacSources and the team a very happy 6th birthday and look forward to sharing many more reviews with our readers. Thank you, readers, for allowing us into your lives. My hope is that you get to experience a little bit of the magic that I am lucky enough to enjoy. 

Robyn Oglesby

When I started writing for MacSources 6 years ago, I never dreamed we would be where we are today. At the time we were primarily writing reviews about mobile apps with a product here and there. We published 5 articles a week and took pride in the fact that they were original writings from our hearts and not carbon copies of another person’s work. Today, nearly 4,500 articles later, we have the same mission we always have – to bring the latest in tech news and reviews to our audience. 

I’m proud to be one of the writers and editors that serve MacSources and make it a place for our writers to express themselves and our readers to learn about products and applications that they may not have known about otherwise. Like Jon, I feel that we are a family and we all continue to grow and blossom into subject matter experts in the field of technology. 

My favorite thing about MacSources is that we are honest. If we find a product that doesn’t work, we tell you about it. If we discover something that is exceptional, no matter how small it might be, we tell you about that, too. As a writer, I feel that I’ve shared my opinions in a way that is respectful to product designers and meaningful for readers to invest their time in. I hope you all have enjoyed our reviews as much as we enjoy sharing them.

Nicholas Calderone

About 10 years ago, I had an idea about starting a website. I had started reading more reviews on products I was interested in and I thought, “I could do that.” There is an old saying that the best way to start something is to start something. So, I used my web design skills and started a blog. At the time, it was just me writing an article here and there. Whenever I would find an app that I really liked, I would write something about it. If I picked up a product, I would write about it, too. The thing I always liked about that is the connection with other like-minded individuals. The tech world feels like home to me and I when my little ole blog evolved into MacSources, I felt like I was contributing back to that community. 

As a reader of reviews, I’m always put out by seeing rumors as click-bait and product descriptions masquerading as reviews. That’s how MacSources was born. It was meant to be a pure, user-friendly site where people could read reviews without being annoyed with pop-up advertisements and regurgitated company gossip. I feel proud that MacSources has successfully done that for more than 6 years and that we keep expanding into new areas of expertise and product categories. 

The heart of MacSources is its writers. We would be nothing without all the contributors over the years. We would be nowhere with them or you, dear readers. We hope that you will continue on this journey with us and that as we evolve, you will be happy with what we bring to the site.