Maceton Premium Bluetooth Speaker bring high quality audio to any space.

There are very few times where I sit down at my desk – home or work – and don’t have some sort of music playing. Even though I have some good, premium quality headphones, I prefer to not wear them so that I can be apart of the environment I’m in rather than isolate myself apart from it. I don’t remember my first Bluetooth speaker, but I do remember being completely taken with it and amazed at the technology. A wireless speaker? How can this be? It’s been quite a while since that time and I continue to be impressed with the popular accessory. The one I am reviewing today is the Maceton Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Maceton Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

While the description of this device states that it’s ‘portable’ it’s rather quite large. The speaker measures 11.8 (W) X 1.9 (D) X 2.6 (H) inches and its size was the first thing I noticed. The box it comes in reminds me of what a large order of business cards would come in. The speaker was packaged well and comes with a soft, off white carrying bag, a charging cable, and a small instruction booklet. Since I’ve tested out so many different types of Bluetooth speakers, I typically know how to get them connected to my phone, but I found myself a little dumbfounded at first with this one.

Maceton Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

On the top of the speaker there are three main buttons on/off, V+ >>, V- <<. At a glance, you might know what each of these is for, but the one thing that wasn’t clear was how to set the speaker into pairing mode. Fortunately, as I mentioned, an instruction booklet was included and I was able to find the correct steps quickly and easily. As it turns out, you only have to turn the speaker on first and then press/hold the play button until you see the blue LED light flashing. That light is actually inside the speaker box. This was something else that took me a moment to find.

Once I had my phone connected to the Maceton Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker, I played music from Pandora through it for several hours without pause. This spoke a lot to me about the battery power of this premium speaker. The description states it will play for 10 hours without interruption and I completely believe that now. For one thing, I got several hours of audio time straight out of the box and I don’t know that the speaker came with a full charge.

Maceton Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

While I didn’t test out the speaker phone feature completely, I can say that when a call comes in, the music from your player fades out and the ring tone plays through the speaker. Now, the only thing I didn’t like about this was that it seemed as though the ring tone came through MUCH louder than the music. This may have to do with your personal ringtone volume on your phone, but it’s something I wanted to note.

I have been very happy with the Maceton Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s performance overall. My music came through clear and even after hours of active powered on time, it still had power left to spare. This is a great speaker for any type of use, but I would especially recommend it for larger spaces since it has a larger frame to it.


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