Survey looks into users’ relationships with their software

Ahead of WWDC, Setapp has released results of the first-ever Mac Apps Survey. The survey looks into users’ relationships with their software, why some apps end up in their docks, how important the native Apple Silicon support is in their apps, and just how much they cost an average Mac user. Setapp describes the report as “a survey by Mac users, and for Mac users, but will be especially interesting for Mac developers.” The survey had 462 participants (44% male; 56% female) – all of which identified that they have Mac computers.

Some of the key takeaways of the survey include:

  • More than 54% very closely or closely identified with the statement that their Mac apps make them more productive
  • Mac users have shelled out an average of $36 on apps over the last 12 months
  • Apple Silicon owners are eager to unlock the full potential of their computers, with 73% saying native support is very important or important in their apps
  • The #1 factor for Mac users to choose a new app is security

While app reviews, social media, and customer support are great tools for learning about customer needs, Setapp wanted to make sure that there was another tool available to developers to make sure their Mac apps were even better.

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