Mac has inspired people to do the impossible for 30 years.

In January 1984, I was not even 4 years old. But, being an 80s baby, I was automatically connected to a technology that would forever change the landscape of the world. On this day 30 years ago, the Macintosh was born. Then, it was a revolutionary new product that brought the computer from room size to desk size and allowed people the luxury of having a computer at home. The promise Apple Computers made to the world was that Macintosh could bring the “creative power of technology in people’s hands.” And, it did. Now, 30 years later we look at all the wonders Mac has given us. From music innovation to typography evolution, Mac is the creative tool kit for life.

Apple has created a wonderful piece showcasing how Mac has changed lives and careers. Apple has also created a webpage to commemorate the momentous occasion complete with historical timeline.