Lynktec ReelJuice Portable Battery is the only universal external battery with a 4ft. built-in retractable charging cable.

Batteries…batteries…batteries – yes, here we go again. If you follow my reviews, you already know that I have stacks of rechargeable battery packs and that I’m a pretty big collecter of them. Even though I got a collection, I’ve found myself starting to only keep the unique batteries that really make life easier. The RealJuice portable battery might be the only one I’ll ever really need again due to its awesome features.

Lynktec ReelJuice Portable Battery Review

ReelJuice is a fairly young product, but it’s already won industry awards and received many accolades. It was a 2015 CES Innovation Award winner and was successfully funded through Kickstarter in late 2014. ReelJuice’s retractable cable design feature is the highlight of the battery pack. The battery has a built-in retractable cable for easy on-the-go charging. This is a huge benefit for users. Most batteries that have built-in cables only have a few inches in length to work with, but ReelJuice has a 4-foot long cable rolled up inside is case. Now, the case itself is a  little on the large side, but when you consider the mechanism of the reel, it doesn’t seem quite so big.

Lynktec ReelJuice Portable Battery Review

The battery housed inside the ReelJuice is either 5300 mAh or 8000 mAh depending on what model you have. The model I had to test out was the ReelJuice 3X (5300 mAh). It’s designed to charge a phone up to three times before needing a charge itself. The ReelJuice was designed so that you would only need to carry this one battery with you. It has two modular adapters – one with a standard USB charging cable on the end and the other with a wall plug the flips out so that you can charge the battery when its drained. The retractable cable actually has a Micro USB end, but ReelJuice comes with a Lightning adapter for the end of the plug so that you can charge either an Android device, or an Apple one. Even though the end of the cable is not natively a Lightning cable, the device is still Mfi certified.

Lynktec ReelJuice Portable Battery Review

In addition to its unique features, ReelJuice chargers feature smart charging where it will deliver the maximum charge allowed to what ever device is plugged in. The battery pack also supports pass-through charging. This means that if you are charging your ReelJuice battery and have a device plugged into it at the same time, your device will get charged first and then the battery will receive its charge.

Lynktec ReelJuice Portable Battery Review

I’ve really enjoyed using this battery and am excited about having it as part of my arsenal. The only complaint I have about it is its size. It’s understandable given the battery capacity and the reel mechanism, but it’s just a little cumbersome when you are trying to carry it around in your pocket. All in all, it’s a great battery.

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