Luxury Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review:

A great option for a low-cost, protective wallet case.

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In addition to protection from daily use, I really like cases for my phone to have a secondary purpose. Sometimes, it just not enough for me to sacrifice the design and natural beauty of a mobile device for the protection of a case. Wallet Cases fall into this utilitarian category.

The Luxury Leather Wallet case from Lightning Knights is a wonderful compliment to the iPhone 6 Plus’s slim design. It’s made from leather and comes equipped with an inner hard plastic shell case. The inner case is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 Plus and has proper cutouts for all the sensors, cameras and buttons to be able to function properly.

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As mentioned other than being protective for the iPhone, it’s also a wallet. The case has three slots cut out for use with cards and IDs. Some other wallet cases I’ve seen with this design have different also have a pocket behind the card slots so that you can store cash or other materials in the case, too. This particular case does not have that feature. It does, however, allow the user the option of a kickstand. At first, it doesn’t seem like the kickstand will work out very well, but the weight of the phone keeps it folded open. This is a good option for viewing things in landscape mode.

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The case is held securely closed with a magnetic closure that connects on the back on the case instead of the front side like I’ve seen with other cases.

Luxury Leather Wallet case from Lightning Knights is a great low-cost option for a slim, protective wallet case for the iPhone 6 Plus. It has an MSRP of $39.99, but is currently available for $7.99.