Lumsing 10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger – Charges up to three devices on the go.

There are a lot of portable battery chargers on the market right now.  The requirements for me is how fast it charges my devices and how portable it really is.  The Lumsing 10000mAh portable charger boasts delivery of up to 3.2amps and a sleek compact design.  Having three USB ports, I have high expectations of performance.

The box it comes in is pretty basic.  It has a drawn up look of the battery on the front.  The back has a nice detailed information table about the product.  Out of the box I see the slim black battery and I laid it next to my iPhone 6 Plus and they are indeed the same size.  The edge is a more in width of course, which I’d expect.  However this is a thin batter, just longer than some.  The color is black with orange stripes down the side and the ends with the USB ports and the opposite end are both the same color of orange.  It looks really nice.  The weight (8.46 oz) isn’t too bad either, so it could easily be put in a bag and not weigh it down.  A small USB charging cable comes along with it to charge the battery.

Lumsing 10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Review

Out of the box it had charge and was ready to be used.  Pushing the button on the side to get it turned on, I noticed the four blue LED lights.  They are there to show how much charge is left.  Then after a minute it shut off because I wasn’t charging and that’s a feature it has.  That’s a big bonus for me because I sometimes forget to turn things off, especially in a hurry.  It was able to give me a full charge to my iPhone 6 plus within 2 hours even while using it occasionally.

Depending on devices I have plugged in while using this, the speed seems to toggle.  It absolutely works better with only one.  Regardless you will still receive charge in both but not as much if its just one.  Also iPad 2 seemed to require a ton more and just crept while charging with an iPhone plugged in.  Two iPhone 6 Plus’ at a time worked better together but still couldn’t hold up to the speed of the one iPhone.  I was hoping for max speed with all three, but at least it does charge.  The overcharge protection is a wonderful feature in which the charger shuts off after the device is full charged.

Lumsing 10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Review

I like this portable battery charger.  I do wish the USB ports would output the same amount of power from each port so it didn’t make the trio charging go slower.  It already came in handy when my phone was almost dead and I hooked it up and stuck it in my pocket while I made a phone call.  It does what it needs to do with no other bells and whistles.

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